OGRE & Dallas Campbell :: All Hallows’

by Jörn

OGRE & Dallas CampbellAll Hallows’” ★ Label: Spun Out Of Control ★ Rel. 24 June 2016 ★

All Hallows’ is a full length studio album by Robin Ogden (OGRE) and Dallas Campbell. Dissecting the vocabulary of 70’s and 80’s horror soundtracks, All Hallows’ recaptures the acoustic fingerprint of an era where the synthesiser was the keystone of film scoring. Plotted around an original horror story set to thrill and enhance the cinematic drama of the music – printed on the fold out j-card with the cassette edition and also provided as a downloadable PDF with the digital version – the album is a conceptual journey into fear of the unknown.

The prose trepans into the 1980’s horror tradition; as we set down the score to the greatest horror film that never was, we bring you the cinema of the imagination with a story that traverses the legacy of classic slasher flicks – unadulterated by bad acting. Combine both at once to create an active listening experience, let the music take you paragraph by paragraph to a chilling evening on the outskirts of town…

Fear the music, not the listening!

01. Beginnings of Decay (Prologue) 02:03
02. Last Rays of Daylight 05:23
03. Tomorrow’s Headline 05:00
04. Anonymous Letter 02:47
05. Woodland Path 03:42
06. Sigils 02:51
07. Demented Mantra 03:42
08. Followed 02:58
09. Lockstep 02:54
10. Of Terror 03:21
11. Silhouette 02:34
12. Rabbit Run 03:01
13. Carve 07:11
14. End Credits 03:20
15. Today’s Headlines 01:57
16. All Hallows’ (Epilogue) 02:30



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