Anne Chris Bakker :: Stof&Geest

by Jörn

Anne Chris BakkerStof&Geest” ★ Label: Unknown Tone Records ★ Released 26 October 2019 ★

“Although the title of this album refers to the philosophical body/mind issue, Stof&Geest is not a concept album. It is rather a personal document in which I search for an intangible space against the backdrop of a Western world that mainly has a materialistic worldview. Stof&Geest is a call for the fragile, invisible and indefinable.

This album is largely based on simple piano sketches by recording the piano work on an old reel to reel tape recorder. The piano has acquired a new character for me.”

01. Petrichor 06:17
02. Wand 07:25
03. Interval 05:15
04. Stof&Geest 05:27
05. Traces 09:57
06. This Rhizome 03:15
07. I can not tell 01:46
08. Verdicht me 14:39
09. Make my bed in crystal waters 08:47

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