worriedaboutsatan :: Crystalline

by Jörn

worriedaboutsatanCrystalline” ★ Label: sound in silence ★ Released 09 January 2020 ★

worriedaboutsatan is the electronica/post-rock project of Gavin Miller, based in Bradford, UK.

Crystalline is worriedaboutsatan’s sixth full-length album, featuring eight new compositions with a total duration of something more than 35 minutes. Crystalline’s dreamy soundscapes take the listener on an immersive journey, showcasing the brilliant trademark sound of the very first worriedaboutsatan releases.

worriedaboutsatan skillfully blends together haunting guitar melodies, warm pads, deep bass lines, hypnotic beats, minimal electronic elements and distant indistinct vocals, provided by Sophie Green of Her Name Is Calla, resulting in an emotive album that balances between post-rock, ambient and electronica.

Limited edition of 200 handmade and hand-numbered collectible copies.

01. Open The Door 04:51
02. Step Inside 07:09
03. Cali 05:09
04. Mirrors 03:57
05. Crystalline 03:30
06. Streetlights On Empty Roads 04:27
07. Secretly 04:24
08. Switching Off 02:04

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