Martina Bertoni :: All The Ghosts Are Gone

by Jörn

Martina BertoniAll The Ghosts Are Gone” ★ Label: FALK ★ Released 08 January 2020 ★

Martina Bertoni is a Berlin based cellist. The core of her work is based on rebuilding her identity as a cellist by deconstructing the relationship with her instrument. Her research points towards new configurations by applying compositional and performing techniques that belong to electronic and ambient music.

All the ghosts are gone” is Martina’s first full length album, following the release of her two EPs, respectively in 2018 and 2019.

It is an autobiographical journal of a recovery and self identification. The cello is the raw sonic material for constructions that feature complex manipulations and layerings.

The eight tracks evoke emotional landscapes, in which the voice of Martina’s instrument floats in dialogues with modelled resonances, melancholic reverberations and subtle rhythms.

Written and Recorded. Cello and electronics: Martina Bertoni.

Limited Edition Cassette of 40.

01. Transparent: Closeness 04:55
02. Stuck out of Lifetime 05:21
03. Impossible routines 05:30
04. Nothing has ever happened 02:36
05. Blu 04:49
06. Principles and petals 04:07
07. Invisible cracks 04:39
08. Notes at the end of the world 04:44

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