Jens Pauly :: Vihne

by Jörn

Jens PaulyVihne” ★ Label: Whitelabrecs ★ Releases 09 March 2019 ★

Floating through empty streets late at night. No other people around, no distraction from a dialogue happening inside of you – looking for something, looking for nothing, looking for anything relevant.

Jens Pauly‘s second album ‘Vihne’ is the soundtrack to a search between flickering lights and a cloudy sky, between emptiness and being alive. It asks the essential questions within us, in a tranquil state neither here nor there.

Each track marks a microcosm of its own, a small journey through worlds engulfed in memories.

Jens Pauly is a musician and artist from Cologne, Germany, who has previously released an album named r/f on Karlrecords.

Deluxe run of 100 copies, modelled around the classic gatefold vinyl LP.

It includes printed front, rear and inner sleeves featuring photography by Choi Sungdong and Peter Nejedly, along with a card sleeve which houses a printed vinyl-effect CD.

01. Nacht 04:48
02. Form 04:18
03. Licht 05:20
04. Staub 05:20
05. Naab 04:20
06. Vihne 05:00
07. Elde 04:40
08. Trost 05:22

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