Caught In The Wake Forever :: Waypoints

by Jörn

Caught In The Wake ForeverWaypoints” ★ Label: ARCHIVES ★ Released 24 June 2019 ★

Caught In The Wake Forever is the solo project of Scottish multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Fraser McGowan.

Treading a path of quiet lo-fi, ambient, folk & modern classical music, Caught In The Wake Forever has had releases on a variety of highly regarded labels such as Archives, Dronarivm, Fluid Audio & Hibernate Recordings.

Caught In The Wake Forever’s newest offering ‘Waypoints‘ is the first full length album to step away from this formula. Whilst previous albums drew on deeply personal subject matter to guide the writing process, Waypoints navigates unknown territories using improvisation as its starting point.

Seven instrumental works that sound like distant radio signals interspersed with fragments of lonely lo-fi piano, broadcast from an unknown, isolated location.

Photography by Alexander Kopatz.

01. A Flutter In The Backwoods 03:07
02. The Houses Here Have Changed Lately 06:39
03. Carousels 05:15
04. Rotten Cork 02:29
05. NV Drowning 08:16
06. Wool & Wire 01:49
07. Just Above The Floodlines 08:08

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