Europaweite Aussichten :: Night Sequences

Europaweite AussichtenNight Sequences” ★ Self-released ★ Released 01 Sept. 2016 ★

German-based synthwave artist Europaweite Aussichten is back with ALL NEW music!

Night Sequences” is his third EP, featuring seven brand new original tracks including the lead single “Chroma” and one collaboration with French-based synthwave mastermind Speed Machine!
The EP continues the sonic journey of Europaweite Aussichten’s latest record “Purgatory” which was released last year on Werkstatt Recordings. It’s cold and dark but beautiful atmosphere makes this new release a very dream-like experience. There’s a lot of 80’s nostalgia and love for analog sounds. All tracks were recorded on an old BASF Chrome Maxima II tape.

Picture yourself as a kid, watching a bunch of movies on TV or VHS at night.

Artwork by Europaweite Aussichten • Photography by Andreas Willemsen.

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