Sam KDC :: Samurai Music Podcast 10 // June 2012

“The 10th edition of the Samurai Music Official Podcast mixed by Sam KDC on the day of his vinyl only release for Samurai Horo.

No track list to be provided, please just enjoy the music.”

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  1. OMAR says:

    loving this intro…like walking into a dark corridor; hearing pitch black noises; they’re coming out from underneath the doors. with illumination seeping through the doors borders. im getting closer, reaching for the handle … im sweating bricks… nervous as fuck – everything gets quiet for a second. the door is now slightly opened. some one or some thing from behind slams me against the door causing me to fall in. i’m on the floor, in pain, trying to get up, all i can hear is the echos of resonating drums bouncing from wall to wall, my ears are bleeding….all i can see is rape.. others in the room have also been lured in by the sought of finding new tunes…my virgin ears have never heard such sounds, so illicit to nature, is this the end of all as we know it?

  2. Sam KDC – Samurai Music Podcast 10 // June 2012 via @robot_mafia

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