Alone by Hyungsoon Joo

Visualization of Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry “Alone” by Hyungsoon Joo.

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Meredith / Ultraworld

☇ Animated Image “Meredith / Ultraworld (2013)” © Matthieu Bourel //

Circle of Abstract Ritual

This film took 300,000 photos, riots, wildfires, paintings in abandoned houses, two years and zero graphics to make.

Circle of Abstract Ritual • A film by Jeff Frost.

Paintings by Kyle Stewart

Diese Malereien stammen von dem in Toronto, Kanada lebenden Künstler Kyle Stewart.

// Paintings © Kyle Stewart /// via //

Bake Pizza // Ride Bikes

Anthony Mangieri owns and operates Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco, California and is considered by many to be one of the top pizza makers in the world. Anthony discusses his relentless pursuit of excellence for two of his lifelong passions, baking pizza and riding bikes.

Directed, Shot & Edited by Michael John Evans.

Comic Book Heaven

Comic Book Heaven is a short documentary that tells the story of Joe Leisner, owner of the comic book store Comic Book Heaven located in Sunnyside, Queens NY.

A short documentary directed by E.J. McLeavey-Fisher • Editor: Ethan Simmons.

Tess Said So :: I Did That Tomorrow

Tess Said SoI Did That Tomorrow” // Preserved Sound // Released 24 September 2014.

I Did That Tomorrow is a collection of pieces about initiation and reaction, travel and stillness, simplicity and mutation. The sound world of piano, percussion, and electronics shifts through organic, improvisatory, imperfect patterns, playing with the idea of movement in light, space, and liquid. Although most easily described as contemporary classical, their music is infused with pop, jazz, technology, and electronica.”

Tess Said So is the creative partnership of Australian musicians Rasa Daukus and Will Larsen. More like a band than a traditional classical ensemble, they are influenced by a shared interest in new music and blurring the lines that define musical genre.

All music composed and played by Tess Said So.
Rasa Daukus – piano | Will Larsen – percussion.

Destiny Illustration Series by Atelier Olschinsky

Die Illustrationsserien des Atelier Olschinsky beeindrucken mich regelmäßig und waren bereits oftmals in den letzten Jahren Gast auf diesem Blog. Diesmal habe ich vier Bilder aus der aktuellen Serie “Destiny” ausgewählt, die im September veröffentlicht wurde. Das unabhängige Designstudio aus Wien, Österreich ist spezialisiert auf Grafikdesign, Animation, Illustration und Fotografie.

// Illustrations © Atelier Olschinsky //

Muscle by T-Wei

// Animated Image “Muscle” © T Wei //

Father // An Animated Documentary Film

When did you last talk with your father? Will you ever ask him about those things that hurt you?

In FATHER the reality of life is turned upside down to create an impossible dialogue – the dialogue between a child and a father that never happens.

Animated documentary film based on five true stories.

Directors: Ivan Bogdanov, Moritz Mayerhofer, Asparuh Petrov, Veljko Popovic, Rositsa Raleva, Dmitry Yagodin • Script: Ivan Bogdanov & Phil Mulloy • Music: Petar Dundakov.