Airfee & Ormorje :: Starke Podcast Vol. 1 // July 2013

A selection of pieces from the Starke owners, Airfee & Ormorje.

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Stress by Chris De Pew

Best if viewed with headphones or with a strong sound system.

“Stress” is a cold and dark film animated by Chris De Pew. There is no video footage used in the film at all // Animation, Direction & Sound Design all done/recorded by Chris De Pew.

Consequence :: Modu1 // Etcht EP 001

Etcht EP001 :: Consequence
A.1 LYON A.2 OERASER B.1 Modu1 B.2 Ressed
Forthcoming August 12 2013 on 12” vinyl & digital.

Audio produced by Consequence // Modu1 taken from the Etcht EP001.
Video produced by Jem the Misfit.

Solitude :: 3am Mix // July 2013

Solitude – 3am Mix – July 2013.

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Chiaroscuro: Installation by Sougwen Chung

Chiaroscuro is a culmination of contrasts; the interplay of light and dark, the tangible and intangible, the old and new. The installation is a contemporary interpretation of “Chiaroscuro”, a term more commonly associated with 17th century painting, that is as hand-made as it is digitally enabled.

Drawing in the installation is the fundamental element — spanning the physical structure, the light-mapping and the projection itself. By digitizing the drawing, the simple expression of mark-making becomes transmutable. It is reinterpreted to take on a new form and dimension in the software — it transforms into structures manipulatable through time.

If drawing is an analogy for basic human expression, Chiaroscuro is an immersive installation that augments the drawn image in scale, sound, and scope by harnessing the imaginative potential of interdisciplinary processes and technologies.

Creative direction by Sougwen Chung // Original Music by Praveen Sharma.

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Directed by Mohamed Fadera & Sami Guellaï.
Produced by Catherine Esteves for “Les Films du Poisson Rouge”.

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Synth Sense :: Electronic Explorations 274 // July 2013

Electronic Explorations Podcast 274 mixed by Synth Sense – July 2013.

“With this mix we wanted to give you, the listener, a glimpse into the sound of the Auxiliary label and the artists involved. All the music in this mix is taken from the past, present & future of Auxiliary.

Covering a wide range of styles from techno inspired music to beautifully arranged soundscapes. We would like to think this mix sums up the overall sound of the labels ever growing catalog of experimental, forward thinking music. As cliche as it sounds, we have never wanted to fit into any pigeon hole or stereotype. We would like to think that our production and arrangements don’t conform to any genre, but rather exploit experimentation.”

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Mas Que La Cara

A little girl living in futuristic pre columbian tribe in which everybody is wearing a mask. The girl reaches the age of maturity where she will get a mask and she understands that accepting the mask will make her one of the tribe.

Mas Que La Cara from Spanish – “more than the face” or “added face” is the root of the word “Mask”. Yaniv Cohen`s graduation project for Shenkar College of Engineering & Design in the Visual Communincation department 2013.

“Ein Frühling In Tschernobyl” von Emmanuel Lepage

26. April 1986. In Tschernobyl beginnt der Reaktorkern des Atomkraftwerks zu schmelzen. Eine radioaktive Wolke zieht über mehrere tausend Kilometer hinweg, ohne dass irgendjemand davon weiß – und sich davor schützt. Es ist die größte Nuklearkatastrophe des 20. Jahrhunderts, die zehntausende Opfer fordern wird.

Emmanuel Lepage ist zu dieser Zeit 19 Jahre alt. Ungläubig sieht und hört er die Nachrichten im Fernsehen. 22 Jahre später, im April 2008, fährt er nach Tschernobyl, um mit seinen Texten und Zeichnungen vom Dasein der Überlebenden und ihrer Kinder in dem hochverseuchten Gebiet zu erzählen. Als er beschließt, auf Anfrage des Vereins Dessin’acteurs dort hinzufahren, hat Lepage das Gefühl, dem Tod entgegenzutreten. Als er im Zug sitzt, der ihn in die Ukraine bringt, geht ihm eine Frage nicht mehr aus dem Sinn: Warum bin ich hergekommen?

• Graphic Novel “Ein Frühling In Tschernobyl” von Emmanuel Lepage erschienen im Splitter-Verlag // Vorschau:

☇ Emmanuel Lepage “Ein Frühling in Tschernobyl” :: Splitter-Verlag • 168 Seiten • HC 29,80 €.
• ISBN 978-3-86869-619-6 //

Explosions by Christopher Frey

Written, Directed & Produced by Christopher Frey.