Sponsored Video: Telekom präsentiert die “Ausrede”

Der Mann im Spot hat das beste Netz, aber garantiert nicht die beste Ausrede!

Die deutsche Telekom präsentiert ihren neuen Spot: die “Telekom Ausrede”. Auf humorvolle und subtile Art wird in dem neuen Spot die Qualität des angebotenen Telekom Handynetzes beworben, das bereits zum wiederholten mal Testsieger in verschiedenen Netztests geworden ist.

Interaktivität: Eigene Ideen vorschlagen und Verfilmung des Spots gewinnen!

Warum kam der Mann zu spät? Was ist ihm Verrücktes passiert?

Über eine eigens eingerichtete Webseite könnt ihr interaktiv das Ende des Videos mitgestalten und eure Idee, warum der Mann im Spot wirklich zu spät kam, vorschlagen.

Die Beste Idee wird dann von einer Jury ausgewählt und im Anschluss verfilmt.

Das Telekom Mobilfunknetz ist nicht zu schlagen, denn bereits zum dritten Mal in Folge wurde der Mobilfunk-Netztest von der Zeitschrift connect gewonnen.

“Ohne Abstriche setzt sich die Deutsche Telekom an die Spitze des Testfelds”, sagt die connect.

• Die Idee des Spots ist eng an den Mercedes-Benz Werbeklassiker “die Ohrfeige” aus dem Jahr 1995 angelehnt, in dem nicht einmal ein Fahrzeug der Marke zu sehen war:

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// Dieser Beitrag wurde freundlicherweise von der deutschen Telekom AG gesponsert.

Devoted Enemies :: Valla EP

Devoted EnemiesValla EP” // Self-released // Released 06 December 2013.

Devoted Enemies are producers based in Manchester. Currently working on the first project.

Mitch Stratten :: OCP

Mitch Stratten’s 5 minute film OCP is the culmination of two years of exacting work and Stratten’s most ambitious project yet. Despite its surreal narrative, the visual language of OCP feels strangely familiar, and viewers will recognise the influence and techniques of cinema and film-making. Stratten’s accompanying soundtrack is integral to the piece and informs the viewers response. “I want people to experience this in a really immersive way,” says Stratten, “ideally wearing headphones with high volume.”

The boundary-blurring imagery of OCP seamlessly combines physical performance, large-scale mechanical engineering and computer technology. Stratten: “OCP is a unification of the physical and psychological in a very literal way, exposing concerns in our perception of belief.”

Full-res limited edition available on Sedition.

A Study In Harmonics

Patterns can be created via musical notes.
This video by Mike Swale is an attempt to visualise a few of them.

Each of the nine sections represents a single part in the musical composition.

todos :: Kilchurn Session X – Isolatedmix 42 // Dec 2013

Spanning multiple genres, creative, unique, meticulously crafted and above all epic, todos spends months at a time putting these journeys together. Upon listening you’ll hear the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into each one.

He is a pioneer of todays shift to digital mixing, but he doesn’t use it for lack of laziness. Amongst the 47+ channels of audio and midi lie a multitude of custom samples, tempo blends and effects – something of a trademark since todos’ very first Kilchurn Session.

“Five years have passed since I completed the first Kilchurn Session mix. A mix inspired by my partner, and our Winter’s walk at Loch Awe in Scotland; a place of outstanding landscape and beauty. The challenge for me was to create a mix using tracks with extreme differences in tempo, something I would not have been able to do using a set of 1210′s and mixer.

It would comprise of a collection of personal favourite tracks, old and new, laced with soundscapes, samples and spoken word, yet not following a set genre throughout. What was supposed to be a one off, gained surprising feedback and support from Nick Warren and ASIP which catapulted it into places I never thought it would reach. The demand for another soon followed and now, 5 years on, it is with great pleasure I can bring you the tenth instalment as an Isolatedmix, and a first that incorporates original compositions by Devoted Enemies, in which I am involved” – todos.

isolatedmix 42 – todos // For more info visit asip.

Download Audio Mix

Digital Culture: Graphic Design by Martín Azambuja

Diese wundervollen Grafikdesign Illustrationen stammen von Martín Azambuja, der in Montevideo, Uruguay lebt. Ein Portfolio des Künstlers mit weiteren Bildern findest du auf seiner Webseite.

// Illustrations © Martín Azambuja //

Design Starts Here

Director: Elias Freiberger • Music & Sound Design: Echoic.

“Design Starts Here is my graduation project for the MA Graphic Moving Image course at London College of Communication. From my research into the motion design and graphic design industries, I have often discovered that many people place too much of an emphasis on software. I wanted to express in my short film how good design is in fact about coming up with ideas – that often start from pencil and paper – not just the tools at your disposal.”

Four Tet :: Live In Tokyo // December 2013

Recorded at 3:35pm on the 1st December 2013 at the Hostess Club Weekender in Tokyo, Japan.

WIND by Robert Löbel

WIND is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, the inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions. The wind creates a natural system for living.

Director: Robert Löbel • Sound Design: David Kamp • Particles: Jochen Weidner.

Graduation project at the HAW Hamburg Department Design.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #46

☇ Animated Image “131123″ © Doze Studio //

☇ Animated Image “Labyrinth” © Bill Domonkos //

☇ Animated Image © Un gif dans ta gueule… //