Danny Boy by Marek Skrobecki

A young poet falling in love. A city that awaits a drama to unfold. A time of sadness and conformity, a time of decisions. There is light, there is hope, there is poetry behind the dark clouds of our world.

The multi-award winning animated short written & directed by Marek Skrobecki.

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Solitude :: 2am Mix // February 2014

“Live recording taken from an event i played a while back. Enjoy!”

Solitude • 2am Mix • February 2014.

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Julien “Seth” Malland // Paris, France

// Animated Image © ABVH /// Original Artwork © Julien Malland //

“Burroughs” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

• Print by Shepard Fairey: 18″ x 24″ Screen Print. Signed & numbered Edition of 450. Costs $65.
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Mono.Mental :: Coloured Sands EP

Mono.MentalColoured Sands EP” // Dub Temple Records // Released 27 January 2014.

“The Coloured Sands EP is the DTR debut from Mono.Mental (Munich). The title track ‘Coloured Sands’ takes centre stage bringing the listener deep into Mono.Mental’s signature sound of luscious down-tempo electronica and soulful beats. ‘Kiama’ and ‘Kodo Love Song’ continue the journey which finishes with re-interpretations from with Elroy 4.0 (Byron Bay), Sauce (Brisbane), HeapRize (Brisbane) and Walrii (Brisbane).”

The Beep :: Reykjavík

The BeepReykjavík” //Label: Sichtexot // Released 24 January 2014.

“Even some German Beatheads might have not heard the name of The Beep so far. But his portfolio actually speaks for itself: Without ever bragging about it, he already worked with German MCs like Casper, Audio88 or Yassin and took part in Colognes infamous Beat BBQ as well as the SAE Beat Fight.

After releasing his second Beat Tape „Secondhands Vol. 2“ on Sichtexot label in 2013, he now continues in the same constellation to put out his first album “Reykjavik” in January. Therefor the equipment nerd took his former mostly sample based sound one step forward. He worked with acoustic instruments like sansula, glockenspiel or guitar and combined them with vintage synthesizers and the impulsive patterns of his drum computer. The new sound he created doing so can be defined somehow in the tradition of producers like Bonobo or Clams Casino. Atmospheric, hypnotic and nostalgic without losing itself in pathos or HipHop clichés.

Reykjavik” is a soundtrack for the cold, inspired of idyllic Iceland and solitary nights at the home studio.”

dBridge & Kid Drama :: The Aptitude Show // 2014-02-03

The Aptitude Show on Rinse FM hosted by dBridge & Kid Drama (Jon Convex) • February 2014.

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Move Mountain by Kirsten Lepore

A girl journeys through a vibrant, pulsing, macrocosmic landscape, but a precipitous incident compels her to venture up a mountain in an attempt to save herself.

Directed by Kirsten Lepore • Sound by Kirsten Lepore & Paul Fraser.

JUNKYARD by Hisko Hulsing

A man is being robbed and stabbed by a junkie and in that last second before he dies, a youth friendship flashes before his eyes. He and his bosomfriend grew apart, when the latter was being drawn more and more into a misty world of drugs and criminality under influence of a lowlife dealer who lives with his father on the junkyard in their neighbourhood.

Technique: Oilpaint on canvas, 2D animation, 3D animation.

Written & Directed by Hisko Hulsing // Oilpaintings: Hisko Hulsing.

Produced by Chris Mouw, Michiel Snijders, Arnoud Rijken, Willem Thijssen, Hisko Hulsing.
2D Animation: Hisko Hulsing, Stefan Vermeulen • 3D Animation: Polder Animation.


Das BIC Design On Fire-Gewinnspiel geht in die dritte Runde: Diesmal hast Du die Chance ein Motiv für das Motto FROM FLAME TO FAME zu entwerfen!

Vom 14. Januar bis zum 13. März führt BIC die dritte Edition seines berühmten Gewinnspiels Design On Fire aus. FROM FLAME TO FAME ist es nicht weit: Ob du Designer, Hobbykünstler oder einfach nur Spieler bist, sei kreativ und stelle deinen Feuerzeugmotiv vor.

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In der ersten Spielphase, vom 14. Januar bis zum 25. Februar, werden von einer namhaften europäischen Jury jede Woche 3 Entwürfe ausgewählt.

Somit gibt es nach der sechswöchigen Spielzeit 18 Vorrundengewinner.

In der zweiten Spielphase, vom 27. Februar bis zum 13. März, kannst Du beim BIC Match deine Lieblingsmotive aus den Entwürfen der 18 Vorrundengewinnern auswählen. Während der gesamten Spieldauer kannst du auch originelle Slogans zum BIC Feuerzeug FROM FLAME TO FAME einreichen!

Sei so kreativ wie möglich und gewinne 2000 €!

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