Style-Life: Illustrations by Federico Babina

Nach der großartigen Porträtserie berühmter Architekten, “Archiportrait“, illustriert der italienische Künstler Federico Babina diesmal die interessante Entwicklung unserer alltäglichen Gegenstände aus den frühen 1900er Jahren bis hin zu den 2010er Jahrgängen. Hier eine kleine Auswahl seiner Bilder, eine vollständige Übersicht findest du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © Federico Babina /// ☇ Art Prints Available //

Why Water

663 million people on our planet drink dirty and dangerous water. Actually, they don’t just drink it, they work for it. They invest hours every day. And not only does it keep them out of school, or take up time that they could be using to earn money for their family, it also kills them.

That’s not an exaggeration. Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

Clean water changes everything • Learn more at

Animation by: BUCK • Sound Design/Score: Antfood.

// via Progolog //

Colors Make You Kill: Paintings by Casey Weldon

Casey Weldon wurde 1979 in Süd-Kalifornien geboren, wo er auch den Großteil seines Lebens verbrachte und später in Pasadena seinen Abschluss am Art Center College of Design erhielt.

Nachdem er für einige Zeit sein eigenes Studio in Las Vegas leitete, zog er daraufhin nach Brooklyn um. Heute lebt und arbeitet der Künstler als erfolgreicher Illustrator in Los Angeles, Kalifornien.

// Paintings © Casey Weldon /// ☇ Art Prints Available //

The Goat That Ate Time

Written, directed, animated & produced by Lucinda Schreiber.

Narration: Aden Young • Music: Martin Craft • Sound Design: Luke Mynott.

// via Seitvertreib //

Major Tom To Ground Control…

☇ Animated Image “Major Tom To Ground Control…” © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

History of Pets // Award Winning Animation Short

History of Pets is a requiem for all the childhood pets who found their end in the most curious of circumstances.

One by one, they get revisited as the main character takes a trip down memory lane.

iZeMo made this film in 2013 and since then it went around 48 international festivals, won awards in New York and London and got distributed on television.


In the woods of upstate New York, an Oak tree is turned into a traditional post and rung stool.

With Tom Bonamici & Derek Lasher.

Directed, Photographed & Edited by Adam Newport-Berra.

Location Sound: JR Skola • Sound Design & Music: Mark Henry Phillips.

Digital Illustrations by Takehiro Tobinaga

Takehiro Tobinaga wurde 1986 geboren und lebt und arbeitet in Tokio, Japan. Der Illustrator lässt sich gerne durch Musik und nostalgischen Material beeinflussen. Mehr findest du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © Takehiro Tobinaga //

The Untold & Unseen

We work only for eating. We eat only for working. Just like a soulless machine.

Ultimately, are we actually fighting for a better life or fighting for survival in this world?

Animation: Lam Ho Tak • Original Music: Ian Wong, Chack Ming • Sound Effects: Mak Ho Nin.

Nocto :: Next To You EP

NoctoNext To You EP” ★ Label: Cut Records ★ Released 01 October 2015 ★

Intriguing left-field, rhythmic patterns, vocals wandering through fields of experimental bass and beats, and an almost trip-hop esque vision of modern experimental music permeates this beautiful 6-track EP from producer Nocto.

Meandering along a path drifting comfortably in and out of ambient, trip-hop, broken-beat, post-dubstep and more, the Next To You EP from Guillaume Zenses AKA Nocto is a certain something to behold.

Channeling rippled visions of Portishead, Lamb and Massive Attack, while filtering the more experimental side of previous Cut releasees such as Craset, The Crisis Project, Swoon and many more this EP brings both of those worlds colliding together in a fascinating collection of tracks.