Cybr Train

Directed by Nick Luchkiv.

3D Animated Graffiti: Sketch 70

3D Animated Graffiti: Sketch 70 made by Graffiti Technica.


Mindplotter directed by Polynoid.

Paranoia by Sandeepan Chanda

Paranoia directed by Sandeepan Chanda.

“An animated short film made by 4 students as part of their final year degree project for Thakur-Toonskool Advanced Animation Academy.”

BK01A Robot Animation

“K01A was created as an exercise in rigging, animation, tracking, and compositing. The goal was to wrap as many different exercises into the project as I could in the time that was given.”

Nowhere Near Here

“Nowhere Near Here” is a stop motion animation that uses a combination of light with stencils and long exposure photography to tell the story of a dog running around the city at night, doing whatever a dog does. The animation was first exhibited at the The Herbert, in Coventry, on the 7th October 2010.

Jon Burgerman: The Hoxton Window Project

Unit 9 invited Jon Burgerman to draw over their offices windows in Hoxton Square, East London as part of the Hoxton Window Project.

More info can be found here.

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Autumn. A Short Timelapse Film

Autumn. A Short Timelapse Film by Patryk Kizny.

Zombie Zombie: Driving Clip

First non-official video clip made for Zombie Zombie, the electrifying French duo of Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman. Directed by Simon Gesrel and Xavier Ehretsmann thanks to their favourite toys… the GI Joes! The video is an hommage to the director AND soundtrack composer John Carpenter, especially one of his masterpieces: THE THING.

Railway Relay Part 1

Eine Handvoll DJs haben sich zusammengetan und die im letzten Jahr produzierte, norwegische Dokumentation Bergensbanen komplett mit Musik unterlegt. Die Doku zeigt die 7,5-stündige Fahrt eines Zuges von Bergen nach Oslo, gefilmt aus der Fahrerkabine. Hier der erste Teil.