My Whale // Inner Revision


My Whale” (inner revision) interactive hexagonal installation. D MUSEUM, Seoul, 2016.

The inner revision of “My Whale” was specially made for “9 Lights in 9 Rooms” exhibition at D MUSEUM (Seoul, Korea) by TUNDRA Collective and was visited by more than 200.000 visitors during the period of exhibition.


On the relentless rhythm of time, a young woman lying awake is propelled through the grim metropole of the mind.

A film directed & animated by Gideon van der Stelt.

When You’re Dying, Your Life Flashes Before Your Eyes

“When you’re dying, your life flashes before your eyes – like a rerun. It runs the risk of being very boring.”

// Je me tue à le dire (2016) /// Animated Image © Tech Noir //

Forever Pavot :: Green Nap

Music video for “Forever Pavot” directed & animated by Nicolas Fong.

Ways Of Seeing

Rumble of train rails;
Crashing of ocean waves;
Soft caress of distant wind.

Two people. Two ways of perceiving the world.

Directed & animated by Jerrold Chong • Written by Jia Lee & Jerrold Chong.


Directed & animated by Clement Picon.

Personal Work & Experiments by Jonny Wan

Der freiberuflich arbeitende Grafikdesigner und Illustrator Jonny Wann stammt aus Sheffield, England. Hier zu sehen ist eine kleine Auswahl seiner aktuellen Arbeiten, eine größere Auswahl mit weiteren außergewöhnlichen Bildern findest du auf der Website des Künstlers.

// Illustrations © Jonny Wan /// ☇ Art Prints Available //

Further: Exploring The Intersection of Science & Humanity

FURTHER is an original series exploring the intersection of science and humanity.

Directed by Vinny Verma & Stuart Langfield • Animation: Stuart Langfield.

Episode 1: Do Aliens Exist? Seth Shostak on Space Exploration.

In the wake of Kepler-452b, Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at SETI Research weighs in on the potential for alien life.

Episode 2: Can We Colonize Mars? Jeffrey Hoffman on the Mysteries of Mars.

In this episode, former NASA Astronaut, Jeffrey Hoffman discusses the mysteries of Mars, and the potential for human colonization.


The adventures of a petty thug • A film by Robert Morgan.

Official selection, Sundance Film Festival 2012 • BAFTA Nomination: Best Animated Short 2012.

New Wonderful Art by Marco Puccini

Marco Puccini wurde in der Toskana geboren und lebt als freiberuflicher Künstler in Mailand. Derzeit arbeitet er mit mehreren Agenturen als Filmemacher und Illustrator. Im Jahr 2015 machte er zwei wichtige Ausstellungen in Tokio und in China (Chengdu). Mehr Bilder findest du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © Marco Puccini /// ☇ Art Prints Available //