Geometry by Henning M. Lederer

Directed & animated by Henning M. Lederer.

Most of the visuals are inspired by GEOMETRY DAILY • Music: Thirsteen / May by DoF.

WE LOVE KICKS: Graphic Design by Marcelo Schultz

“We Love Kicks” ist ein Grafikdesign Illustrations-Projekt des brasilianischen Künstlers Marcelo Schultz, bei dem er Schädel aus Texturen und Farben von legendären Nike-Schuhen erschafft.

// Illustrations © Marcelo Schultz /// ☇ Art Prints Available //

ocp :: bliss

ocp – operador de cabine polivalente is the name of an ongoing sound project by media artist João Ricardo • Images courtesy NASA.

Confusion Through Sand

This film was entirely hand-animated on recycled paper.

Confusion Through Sand is tense and at times borders on horrific.

However, it does not glorify war and it does not make it feel manly or like a video game.
The film represents the deep confusion of young men in very difficult circumstances, on both sides of the hostility. We follow a young soldier, but there is no hero.

Illustrations by Simón Prades ⥸ Revisited

Die Arbeiten des in Saarbrücken lebenden Simón Prades hatte ich schon öfter hier im Blog vorgestellt, das letzte Mal vor mehr als einem Jahr. Höchste Zeit also für ein Update mit neuen Bildern des freiberuflich arbeitenden Illustrators und Grafikers, der außerdem an der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften in Trier Illustration lehrt.

// Illustrations © Simón Prades //

The Concept of Originality

This is a short piece that explores the concept of originality.

The topic is full of wonder, conflict, excitement, and subjectivity. For many, originality means drawing inspiration from a variety of sources to create a new idea. The script for “Original” is meant to be an adaptation of this belief; proving that unique ideas can be inspired by existing concepts, objects and experiences.

Direction/Design/Animation: Andrew Vucko • Sound Design & Music: CypherAudio.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #64

☇ Animated Image © Doze Studio //

☇ Animated Image © dvdp //

☇ Animated Image © Patakk //

Forgot by Stephen McNally

Forgot is a short film about memory, emigration, longing, Jesus kitsch, cocktail sausages and children’s television.

Forgot explores the shape of memory, telling the story of a life through its effacing. A non-linear narrative that flashes between childhood and maturity, as it all slips away. From what we long to remember, to what we’d sooner forget.

Directed by Stephen McNally • Music composed by Adam Cullen.

Modern Love: Breaching The Seawall by Adam Wells

“When Laurel Fantauzzo met a young woman and her bicycle in Manila, her relationship to the city was transformed.”

Created for the New York Times Modern Love animated series.

Designed & animated by Adam Wells.

// via Seitvertreib //

Yayati :: 000

Yayati000” ★ Label: Fuselab ★ Released 22 January 2015 ★ Cover Art: Igor Fedoseev

“Dreamytech album and some absurd post-vapor fantasies by Sochi’s Yayati aka Igor Fedoseev. Available as digital & limited red tapes”.