Autumna :: Play Pattern Repeat EP


autumna :: play pattern repeat ep ★ Self-released ★ Released 20 August 2015 ★

produced july – august 2015 • artwork by Laeva.Dextera.

Themes & Variations

“Themes & Variations” – 2015 // A film by Ziye Liu.

A fully CG rendered short film based upon contemporary artworks from artists Yayoi Kusama & Ai Weiwei, the short film explored the infinite possibilities by using 3D digital art to create new “versions” of existing artworks.

Portico d’Ottavia: Illustrations by Matteo Berton

Die hier ausgewählten, liebevoll gezeichneten Bilder wurden von Matteo Berton angefertigt und stammen aus dem illustrierten Kinderbuch “Portico d’Ottavia”, das von Anna Foa geschrieben und im Januar 2015 bei Edition Laterza veröffentlicht wurde. In dem Buch geht es um die Razzia der Nazis im Ghetto von Rom am 16. Oktober 1943. Der Künstler Matteo Berton ist ein freischaffender Illustrator aus Pisa, Italien, dessen Arbeiten sowohl in Kinderbüchern und Comics, als auch in redaktionellen und kommerziellen Veröffentlichungen herausgegeben werden.

// Illustrations © Matteo Berton /// “Portico d’Ottavia” @ Editori Laterza //


A musician becomes deaf and struggles to adapt to a new life.

Written & directed by Gints Zilbalodis • Music by Bertrams Pauls Purvišķis.

Nuage :: Neida

NuageNeida” ★ Project Mooncircle ★ Released 18 August 2015 ★ Artwork: Greg Haynes

Inspired by a long lost tale from dark and cold northern lands, written many ages ago, ‘Neida’ is the story of a young boy who one day noticed an eerie call, so peculiar and odd that he could not resist but to follow it. While it resonated through remnants of ancient settlings, the boy had to overcome many obstacles and solve numerous quests, journey through mystical forests, foggy mountains and ghostly villages, battle the forces of nature and lose himself in this adventure. Finally reaching the ocean after an exhausting voyage, a mysterious invisible force drew him closer and closer to it, suddenly entranced in a state between consciousness, floating underwater, lured by the siren of the sea.

Vanilla Sweet Vanilla

Vanilla is a sweet curious baby kat who gets into problems and is rescued by her bird friend.

Vanilla Sweet Vanilla animation was presented for the first time during the Pictoplasma Berlin 2015 Conference “FORM FOLLOWS EMPATHY” at Babylon.

Design & Direction: Jaime Alvarez • Music Composer: Jorge Sanchez.

One Plus One

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has made huge strides toward ending the tobacco epidemic. Watch this animation by Melanie Dorn & Sean McClintock to celebrate their progress and to continue to inspire people forward into a tobacco-free future.

Creative Director: Melanie Dorn 
• Illustration & Design: Sean McClintock.

Character Animation Lead: Jules Guerin
• Animation & Compositing: Nick Forshee, Marcus Bakka

Everbright: An Interactive Light Installation

Everbright, the toy for creativity & engagement by Hero Design.

Measures 46 inches high, 93 inches long, and 5 inches deep. 464 color dials, each capable of producing any color in the rainbow.

Hidden Rivers :: Where Moss Grows

➲ Hidden Rivers “Where Moss Grows” ★ Label: Serein ★ Released 17 August 2015 ★

Away from the concrete towns and cities there is a place Where Moss Grows. A place walled with limestone, of dell and cave, forgotten railways and Hidden Rivers. This music is a document in sound of journeys through this place, the sylvan valley.

Treading a path worn by his forebears, Hidden Rivers (Huw Roberts) takes a left into the trees with debut solo album, Where Moss Grows. Better known until now for label curation at Serein and his work with Otto A Totland as Nest, Huw’s growing obsession with synthesizers and drum machines takes his solo work into uncharted territory. With barely an acoustic instrument in sight, Where Moss Grows is a personal and thematic album which confidently reveals his future intent.

Written & produced by Huw Roberts.

Panda Bear :: Boys Latin

Written, directed & produced by Isaiah Saxon & Sean Hellfritsch • Music: Panda Bear “Boys Latin”.

Animation: Eran Hilleli, Jason Rayner, Daniel Moos, Viv Nikolich, Avi Yeyni.