You And Me by Pref

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Watsky :: Conversations

Part 1 of 4 of “The Lovely Thing Suite” by Watsky.

Directed & Produced by Carlos Lopez Estrada & Diego Huacuja.

Animation Director & Art: Diego Huacuja aka “deachete” • Animators: Diego Huacuja & Pablo Díaz.


Written by Sofia Ashraf, and featuring the voice of Ratna Pathak Shah, this spoken word piece aims to raise awareness regarding the unaddressed problems these women endure everyday.

Director: Mohit Bhasin, Aditya Tawde • Writer: Sofia Thenmozhi Ashraf.


A father attempts to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing filthiness of the crime-ridden city…

Director & Animator: Jake Zhang • Music: Pantawit Kiangsiri • Sound Designer: Katie Gately.

Story: Jake Zhang, Xu Zhou, Shangning Wang • Graphic Designer: Shangning Wang.

Post Apocalyptic 3D Illustrations by Kobi Vogman

Der preisgekrönte Animator Kobi Vogman wurde 1986 in Riga, Lettland geboren und lebt derzeit in Jerusalem, Israel. Nach Jahren der Malerei auf den Straßen der Stadt, beschloss der Künstler Animation an der Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design zu studieren, welches er dann später mit Auszeichnung abschloß.

Diese Illustrationen wurden für Jerusalem’s Street Festival “Shaon Horef” angefertigt und zeigen verschiedene Teile von Jerusalem in einer chaotischen Post-Apokalyptischen Umgebung.

Jede Illustration basiert auf einem realen Standpunkt auf der Straße wo das Festival stattfindet.

// Illustrations © Kobi Vogman //


// Painting “DREAM” © Lesya Poplavskaya /// Motion Effects by rexisky /// via //

Linear Bells :: Silence

Linear BellsSilence” ★ Label: Soft Recordings ★ Released 05 February 2017 ★

Silence” was born from the ashes of a stay in china in November 2016. All the sounds of this album were captured in Guanghzou, China and its surroundings.

This mega city is trapped in noises and sounds and the oportunity of transforming all this maelström sounds into a single contemplative piece excited me to the highest point.

From popular districts, to the business center, to the countryside around, a palette of soft and disturbing atmosphere comes to rock our ears in a ceaseless ballet, turning to infinity.

Digipack CD Booklet • Edition of 60.


An animated film intersecting machinery, life, and media. Power.

Created by Dana Sink.

Sue Doeksen x Anima Boutique: A Visual Adventure

Dutch illustrator and visual adventurer Sue Doeksen collaborated with Finnish production studio Anima Boutique to produce this playful animated loop!


A short little animation about hiding.

Created by Rafferty Amor • Music by Lullatone.