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Zombie Short: Charlie Bit My Finger

Director Jeff Chan re-made the classic viral video ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ in a horror film style.


Hook, Line & Murder

Silent Moon

Playing With Light: Mon Ami Le Robot

Short directed at Cube Creative during summer 2010 by Gobelins students Louis Thomas, Theo Guignard and Benjamin Moreau. Music and sound: Adrien Casalis.

Longboarding: A Different Angle

One Day Frejus: BMX Slowmotion

Америка :: Rockerjoker


Robo-Rainbow: Instrument Of Mass Destruction

Robo-Rainbow: Instrument Of Mass Destruction. Shot by Adam Nilsson.

3D Animated Graffitis: Sketch 92 & 93

Sketch 93

Sketch 92

Meltdown by Dave Green

Last night’s leftovers battle for their lives.

Directed by Dave Green.