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Last Meal & Nightfall: Moving Paintings by Jake Fried

Jake Fried, born 1984, lives and works in Boston. Primarily known for his paintings, Fried is currently working on a series of short films, or ‘moving paintings’. He has been an Educator and Community Liaison for The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston since 2007. His website is

Nightfall by Jake Fried 2011

Last Meal by Jake Fried 2011

Pictoplasma: Festival Intro by Juan Molinet

“Some characters are perfect; their anatomies? seem to sift through the air as they move, as if dissolving into our minds likely to become a dream.”

Character Design by Juan Molinet.

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A Wintery Tale: Snow Angels by Yves Geleyn

A wonderful holiday viral short by Yves Gelyen of Chobani Greek Yogurt.

Seven Days In The Woods by Peter Larsson

The trees alongside the road, everything was blurry. There was always a faint electrical buzz from somewhere. It was damp and raw, like the stone age.

Directed by Peter Larsson.

Penelope’s Poor Choice by Ian Ball

Penelope has a pregnancy problem and panics!

Directed by Ian Ball.

Beautiful Animated Illustration Works by Julia Pott

Wundervoll illustrierte Animationen von der in London, England lebenden Künstlerin Julia Pott. Sie ist Absolventin des Royal College of Art mit einem MA in Animation im Jahr 2011. Hier eine Auswahl ihrer Arbeiten, noch viel mehr Videos und Illustrationen gibt es auf ihrer Website zu sehen.

Belly – Trailer


Toyota Auto Biography

Bat For Lashes Visuals

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Sonar by Renaud Hallée

Short film by Renaud Hallée 2009 // Music generated by an animated cycle.

Break The Law Of Silence

Direction & Animation: CRCR // Client: Amnesty International // Agency: LaChose.

El Empleo // The Employment

Animated short film // Winner of 102 International Awards.

Direction: Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso // Idea: Patricio Plaza // Animation: Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso & Patricio Plaza // Titles design: Natalia Acosta // Production company: Opusbou.

Paper by Mathieu Aubry

“Say I love you holds on a piece of paper” // Personal Shortfilm, November 2011.

Directed by: Mathieu AUBRY // Music: Jérémy FLANDRIN with DIRTYSPLEEN.