ALIENATION by Silvia Carpizo

Direction & Realisation by Silvia Carpizo.

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  1. Jörn says:

    hello and thank you for the interesting information, much appreciated.

    so i have changed the category from “stop motion” to “animation”.

    your short film is wonderful and amazing!

  2. silvia carpizo says:

    Hello I am alienation’s film maker I would like to aclare that my film it isn’t stop motion animation it’s 2d animation paperless, I had realised all drawings with a graphic tablet in a mac and after these have been adapted from the paper to the wall, it’s an innovate style in animation that I have created for first time in the animation history, I called mural animation and as well its the first time that its adapted a real designs from a important mural artist like is ESCIF. Thank you and I hope that my short really like.

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