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Illustration Art & Design by Mat Miller

Mat Miller ist ein freiberuflicher Illustrationskünstler und Designer aus England, der in den Bereichen Vektorillustration und Fotomontage arbeitet. Seine Arbeiten werden von zeitgenössischer Graffiti- und Lowbrow Art zusammen mit vielen Dingen aus der Natur beeinflusst.

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Arpxp – Sun And Bass Podcast #3 // April 2012

Instalment # 3 of the Sun And Bass podcast – this time from Arpxp!

Abstracto2 “The Monks” Art Print by Jophen Stein

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ASC – Auxiliary Podcast Episode 08 // April 2012

“The idea behind the Auxiliary podcast is to first and foremost showcase music that I’m into. Obviously, having a label gives me a platform to make my music accessible for the consumer, but the podcast acts as a further insight into what makes Auxiliary what it is.” – ASC.

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Organika by Oscar López Rocha

Design & animation by Oscar López Rocha // Music “Peepsie” by Dntel.

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Moment by Raoul Olou

In a breath life goes on…
Directed & animated by Raoul Olou // Music by Lucinda Tang.

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Lost In My Thoughts

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Waiting Room by Jake Fried

Waiting Room by Jake Fried 2012 // Hand-drawn animation with ink and white-out.

Red Stag: Illustrations by Bryan Kai Louie

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Der freiberufliche Künstler Bryan Kai Louie ist Illustrator / Designer / Art Director und hat in den letzten 8 Jahren in Los Angeles und New York City, USA in den Bereichen Motion Graphics und Print gearbeitet. Die hier gezeigten Bilder stammen aus dem Storyboard für eine Jim Beam-Kampagne. Noch viel mehr Design und Illustrationen findest Du auf seiner Website.

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/ Illustrations © Bryan Kai Louie // via Dark Silence In Suburbia /

Shepard Fairey: Printing “Harmony & Discord”

Shepard Fairey spent several weeks in New York in July 2011 and February 2012, creating and printing the works for his forthcoming exhibition at Pace Prints. In this video, he discusses the ideas behind the works and the printmaking processes that he used. All the works were created at the Pace Paper studio and Watanabe Press in Brooklyn.

The exhibition “Harmony & Discord” opens Saturday May 5 at Pace Prints, 521 West 26th Street, New York.

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