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Dimanche by Patrick Doyon

Dimanche // Sunday – Directed & animated by Patrick Doyon.
Oscar-nominated in the category of Best Short Film (Animation) 2012.

Every Sunday, it’s the same old routine! The train clatters through the village and almost shakes the pictures off the wall. In the church, Dad dreams about his toolbox. And of course later Grandma will get a visit — and the animals will meet their fate.

Applescal – Isolatedmix 25 // January 2012

“For isolatedmix 25 […] Applescal mixes some brand new inspiration with the old, and when I say brand new, I mean brand spanking new. Add Télépopmusik’s greatest track to that remix list, and you have the icing on the isolated, debuted here in Applescal’s mix for astrangelyisolatedplace.”

More Andy Gilmore Artworks

Andy Gilmore wurde 1974 geboren und lebt und arbeitet in Rochester, New York, USA. Seine genialen Kunstwerke hatte ich bereits einmal im Juni letzten Jahres gebloggt, hier also nocheinmal ein Update mit neuen Sachen des Künstlers. Noch mehr Bilder sind auf seiner Website zu finden.

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Mun2 // New Stuff by feels

Vector, colors, 8 bits soundtrack and movement! Animation proposal for a television channel by feels, a motion graphics & VFX studio based in Santiago, Chile.

Colorful Escape

DesignWars presents “Colorful Escape” featuring Lune82.

Video was taken in a suburban spot in Athens // Music: Transformers: The Score – Bumblebee.

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Colouroids // Illustrations by Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart ist ein Animationskünstler aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA. Zu seinen Spezialgebieten gehören Illustrationen und Designarbeiten. Hier habe ich einige Bilder aus seinem aktuellen Projekt “Colouroids” ausgewählt, welches kürzlich startete. Mehr zu sehen gibt es auf seiner Website.

“I am starting a new exercise which I hope to do at least once a week. My plan is to take photos of little scenes whenever I am out around the city, and then bring them home to do small color study paintings. I’m hoping it will improve my sense of light and color. They will all be done in a square format to limit the number of things I have to worry about.” – Kevin Dart.

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Úlfur – Black Shore // Official Video

Music: Úlfur – Black Shore // Album: White Mountain (Kimi Records, 2012).

Directed by Máni M. Sigfússon.

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Father & Kids Performing Covers of Depeche Mode Songs

Colombian based artist Dicken Schrader and his kids, Milah and Korben, on a xylophone, an 80`s keyboard and homemade improvised instruments performing covers of Depeche Mode songs.

// Dicken feat. Milah & Korben: “Strangelove”

// Dicken feat. Milah & Korben: “Everything Counts”

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Drawings by Matt Leines

Der Illustrationskünstler Matt Leines wurde in Totowa, New Jersey geboren und lebt und arbeitet nun in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Mehr Zeichnungen sind auf seiner Website zu finden.

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Grow by Robotsoda

GRoW // Directed & animated by Robotsoda // Music by Unicorn Dream Attack.