Created by Rosalie Benevello • Sound: Nadège Feyrit, Julien Baissat & Lucas Bellomo.

Mark Lotterman :: Happy

As a metaphor for the search of the meaning of the word “happy”, an immense group of geese dances desperately in synchronized choreography. Starting out as an undefined organism, and slowly zooming out as the song proceeds, the geese turn out to be part of different cults. Each cult portraying an emotion that cannot be withheld individually, but that’s all the more shown in the meticulous urge for group behavior.

A video about the search for ones own identity through seemingly virtuous self-expression on the one side and the undeniable drowning into the masses on the other.

Directed by Alice Saey • Song by Mark Lotterman.

World War II: Timeline Featurette (Part 1)

Highlighting the events of the greatest unfortunate disaster in the history of mankind.

This video was created by Abhinav Nikam for entertainment purposes only and not as an educational reference. Originally intended for an informative tablet app, later revived as a featurette.

LA CHICA :: Be Able

Best Special Stuff Award for the International Music Video Underground.

Directed by Ma-Ké • Produced by TEMPLE CACHÉ • Music: LA CHICA.


Created by Meg Hunt & PMurphy • Made for Portland’s Design Week event, DRAEMS.

Artists and animators had two months to complete a piece no longer than two minutes utilizing two or more dream symbols.

Transplant’s dream symbols: Eye & Flower.

Illustrations by Lara Paulussen

Lara Paulussen ist eine in Hamburg ansässige selbstständige Illustratorin, die im Jahr 1988 geboren wurde und am Niederrhein aufgewuchs. Die Künstlerin absolvierte ein Designstudium an der FH Münster und machte dort im Jahr 2014 ihren Bachelor of Arts Abschluss.

// Illustrations © Lara Paulussen /// ☇ Art Prints Available //


Director: Alex Avagimian • Sound Design: Logan Byers.


Director: Aram Sarkisian • Cast: Winston: Matt Kelly.

Story by Aram Sarkisian • Written by Gabby Capili, Aram Sarkisian.

Geometric Composition

// Animated Image © Mathani //


[Krō′mō-jen′ĕ-sis] – The origin of color.

Matter springs from empty chaos. First pioneers grow, reproduce, and evolve.

Until finally…extinction. Entropy must always increase.

An experimental 4K ambient film by Tyler Hulett with paint and oil.