Beautiful Illustrations by Björn Öberg

Björn Öberg arbeitet als freiberuflicher Illustrator und Grafiker und lebt derzeit in Jönköping, Schweden. Die letzten 10 Jahre hat er sich auf redaktionelle, informative und kommerzielle Illustrationen spezialisiert. Der Künstler arbeitet sowohl mit großen Werbeagenturen als auch mit kleinen Startups zusammen und seine wunderbaren Illustrationen erscheinen nicht nur auf Titelbildern von Zeitschriften, sondern auch auf einer Vielzahl von Produkten, wie zum Beispiel auf Nahrungsmittelverpackungen. Ein umfangreiches Portfolio findest du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © Björn Öberg //

Gadget :: Mood Swings Instrumentals

GadgetMood Swings Instrumentals” ★ Label: Millennium Jazz Music ★ Rel. 20 Jan. 2017 ★

Following the recent release of Lady Paradox & Gadget‘s beautiful Mood Swings LP and all of the requests for the instrumental version, MJM decided to respond to the words of the people and release the Mood Swings instrumentals and those from the bonus tracks on the album.

This version of the album is available on limited cassette tape and will be available on various digital sites • Artwork designed by J. Greenway.


// Animated Image “Adventure” © Dave Strick /// Based on an illustration by Tony Piedra /// via //

BOLES: A Short Puppet Animation by Špela Čadež

Filip lives in a poor neighbourhood. He dreams of writer’s glory and luxurious lifestyle in a more prosperous part of town. One day Filip gets a knock on the door. His neighbour Tereza, an older prostitute that Filip tries to avoid by all means, asks him to write a letter for her fiancé. Filip agrees. And it would all end up fine if a week later Tereza would not show up at his doorstep again, asking him to write an answer to the previous letter.

Based on the short story “Her Lover” by Maksim Gorky.

Screenwriters: Gregor Zorc, Špela Čadež • Puppets, set, props: Žiga Lebar.

// via Seitvertreib //

The Water Giant

A film by Chen Wei-Yuan • Music by Wen-Hsimg Wang • Sound Design by Yeh Hong-Jung.


Perception is reality- or is it? We live in a world so occupied with technological advances that synthetic matter can be mistaken as genuine. We live in a place so filled with artificial mass that it is difficult to decipher what is natural and what is man-made. As our technology continues to evolve and nature becomes more of a rare find, our perception is everything. Our man made made world will continue to grow and change and so will our perception and adaptation to it.

Direction / Design / Animation: David Brodeur • Sound Design: Zelig Sound.


“Divisor” shows the unexpected consequence as a result of mind shifting.

Cyberpunk and virtual reality have shaped the esthetics of this short film.

Directed & animated by SELFBURNING • Music & sound designer: PIXELORD.

Movie Poster Illustrations by Grzegorz Domaradzki

Grzegorz Domaradzki absolvierte sein Studium an der Akademie der feinen Künste in Posen, Polen mit einem Master-Abschluss in Grafik und Zeichnen. Nach dem Studium arbeitete er zunächst als Illustrator und später als Grafikdesigner für verschiedene Werbeagenturen.

Seit dem Jahr 2005 arbeitet der Künstler freiberuflich. Mehr Arbeiten findest du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © Grzegorz Domaradzki /// via //

ONO’U Tahiti Festival Graffiti 2016

The ONO’U Festival took place in October 2016 in the magical islands of Tahiti and Raiatea.

Video edit by Selina Miles.

Featuring Adnate, Askew, Bordalo II, Cranio, Hoxxoh, Inkie, Kalouf, Kobra, Leon Keer, Marko93, Martha Cooper, Mast, Nilko, Okuda, Peeta, Phat1 & Lady Diva, Seth and many more.

I Saw It On…

// Animated Image “I Saw It On…” © Al Boardman //