(You Want It) Darker: Illustrations by Daniel Stolle

Verschiedene monochrome redaktionelle Illustrationen des Künstlers Daniel Stolle für die New York Times, den SPIEGEL, Scientific American und andere Magazine und Zeitungen.

Daniel Stolle wurde im Jahr 1982 in Deutschland geboren und lebt heute in Hämeenkyrö, Finnland.

// Illustrations © Daniel Stolle //


An elderly, soft-spoken veteran recalls when she joined the Soviet Air Force’s first all-female bombing squad. She reminisces about her friend Katja, and how they made the best of their antique equipment, struggled with being ostracised from their male comrades, and earned the fearful German nickname ‘Nachthexen’.

NACHTHEXEN was made by a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College in Viborg, Denmark:

Julie Herdichek Baltzer, Sarah Kær Nedergaard Nielsen, Szymon Hedinn Kuran, Camilla Smidt, Aske Schmidt Rose, Sofie Louise Dam, Hans Frederik Jacobsen, Shilo Duffy, Asger Kjærholm.

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge :: Symmetry

Symmetry is one of the most fundamental principles of nature, and also forms the basis of music.

The idea of Symmetry was explored in the video by Kevin McGloughlin, using simple symmetrical forms (primarily the circle), and symmetrical operations applied to them – rotations, translations and reflections. The animation demonstrates the beauty of this simple concept when applied in an iterative journey towards ever increasing complexity, both visually and musically.

Music: Max Cooper & Tom Hodge “Symmetry” • Taken from the album “Emergence“.

Japan By Car: Illustrations by James Gilleard

Japan by Car” nennt sich diese digitale Illustrationsserie des in London ansässigen Künstlers James Gilleard. Weitere interessante Motive aus dieser Reihe und noch viel mehr sehenswerte Arbeiten findest du, wenn du seine Website besuchst.

// Illustrations © James Gilleard //


In this video Philat Matveev shares his thoughts on the birth of great ideas and their source, on the scale which is overcame by the beam of light, to find the right place, to develop the world of ideas in the continuity of our world.

Music: Dario Marianelli “Evey Reborn”.

Be Yōkai :: Facefist

Be Yōkai is a new collaborative project from techno duo Minilogue’s Sebastian Mullaert, fellow Swedish producer Douglas Holmquist, and illustrator-animator Kristofer Ström.

The group puts the collaborative affairs of music and visual production at their core, as seen in the video for their debut release, Facefist, out on Space Hardware.

idealism :: hiraeth [ep]

idealism :: hiraeth [ep] ★ Self-released ★ Released 04 February 2017 ★

“a deep. wistful, nostalgic sense of longing for home; a yearning grief for people and things long gone”.

Looopism: Colourful Animated GIFs by Ori Toor

Der aus Tel-Aviv, Israel stammende Ori Toor erstellt nicht nur geniale Videos, sondern auch diese wunderschön animierten Illustrationen.

Ein Portfolio mit einer Übersicht seines bisherigen Schaffens findest du auf der Website des Künstlers, eine große Auswahl weiterer GIFs auf seinem Tumblr.

// Animated Illustrations © Ori Toor //

Life With Herman H. Rott

Herman is a rat who lives alone in a messy apartment.

One day a very tidy cat shows up at his doorstep. With everything she owns.

Directed by Chintis Lundgren • Written by Chintis Lundgren & Draško Ivezić.

Music by various classical composers, Krlja, Polka Madre • Sound by Henrik Malmgren.

Medieval Rave: Drawings by Maria Menshikova

Maria Menshikova wurde 1993 geboren und ist eine Künstlerin aus Amsterdam, Niederlande.

Die hier abgebildeten Zeichnungen sind eine kleine Auswahl aus ihrer “Medieval Rave“-Serie.

// Drawings © Maria Menshikova //