Wojciech Golczewski :: End Of Transmission 2

by Jörn

Wojciech GolczewskiEnd Of Transmission 2” ★ Label: Data Airlines ★ Rel. 20 May 2018 ★

Following closely after is the sequel to Golczewski’s popular space epic that started of with Reality Check and continued with End Of Transmission and The Signal. Without words, End of Transmission 2 continues to recount the fate of a deep space exploration mission but this time from the point of view of the AI that the mission brought with them. End Of Transmission 2 is at times a more hopeful chapter to the story but still carries the same both claustrophobic and epic atmosphere familiar to fans of the previous records.

Limited Edition of Wojciech Golczewski’s End Of Transmission 2 Cassette recorded onto a Matte Vintaged Silver Shelled Audio Cassette with a heavy duty J-Card with high quality print.

Limited edition of 100.

01. Transmission 08 04:59
02. Transmission 09 02:06
03. Transmission 10 03:41
04. Transmission 11 04:07
05. Transmission 12 02:12
06. Transmission 13 02:43

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