Vau :: Ways Of Stillness

by Jörn

➲ vau :: Ways Of Stillness ★ Label: Whitelabrecs ★ Released 15 November 2018 ★

vau is a Portuguese artist named Nuno Craveiro and Ways Of Stillness is his debut release after having started recording the album in 2014.

Ways of Stillness’ took four years to complete in its entirety and so lots of experiences and memories are etched into it: places, moments and relationships. All of its sounds have stories attached to them and they are very much a reflection of Nuno’s own thoughts as an individual and musician.

The main ideas behind the concept to this body of music, was to create something which could perfectly fill the listener’s surroundings. Using field recordings, some virtual synthesizers, nyckelharpa, piano, ukulele, sounds sampled from saxophone, Portuguese guitar, Korg Volca Keys and other instruments, Nuno was interested in making sound almost as comfortable as silence. Looking to create a kind of slower time frame, introspection and self-awareness becomes effortless.

These conditions may not always be achievable when you first hit play, but it is hoped that Ways of Stillness can unfold its tiny and unobtrusive detail to leave you the listener feeling weightless as it progresses. Vau is the Portuguese word for ‘ford’, so he wanted this debut to be a shallow place amidst the water. A harbour in a way, safe and peaceful.

01. slight movements 07:55
02. triviality 06:28
03. chance touch 04:06
04. halcyon 06:19
05. nightfall 07:40
06. solace 07:05

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