Various Artists :: Sleeplaboratory1​.​0

by Jörn

➲ Various Artists “Sleeplaboratory1​.​0” ★ Label: Whitelabrecs ★ Releases 26 January 2019 ★

Sleeplaboratory1.0’ is a sixteen track cross section of modern Ambient artists touching on everything from minimalist drone and modern classical cinematics to electro acoustic and synth influenced works.

It is released in a run of 100 physical copies, in a ‘gatefold LP’ styled CD package, complete with beautiful artwork provided over 4 panels by Federica Jeanne de Luca. The album is also available digitally in a range of formats, carefully mastered by Tim Diagram who also contributes a track as Maps and Diagrams.

This album is intended as a relaxing companion for either conscious or sub-conscious listening, with contributing artists briefed to create something vacant which is likely to induce sleep.

Curated by Harry Towell • Artwork by Federica Jeanne de Luca.

01. Janek Schaefer – Night In Narnia 06:49
02. Sven Laux – Sleep In C Minor 07:12
03. Natse – Wandering Spirits 04:26
04. Valotihkuu – Deep Phase 03:57
05. Ben Rath – A Quiet Morning 06:25
06. M. Grig – Nod 03:35
07. Maps and Diagrams – REM 06:00
08. Daniela Orvin – Wide Ocean 04:04
09. James Osland – Making All Things Dimly Beautiful 06:25
10. anthéne – Surfacing 03:32
11. Lofield – Melatonin 04:08
12. Polaroid Notes – Nocturnal Mood 04:17
13. La Petite Vague – Fais Dodo 03:04
14. Tropic Of Coldness – These Hills Are Not Like We Dreamt Of 05:49
15. Floor Overhead – Autonomy 04:45
16. Daliah – With Z 02:44

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