Swimming TV :: Time Freeze

by Jörn

Swimming TVTime Freeze” // Label: Cosmonostro // Rel. 26 May 2014 // Artwork: Yawn.

Swimming TV lands at Cosmonostro HQ with six tracks of pure lysergic bliss, perfect for those long hazy summer days in the park. The ‘Time Freeze’ EP lives up to its name, slowing down the chaos of modern existence to a grinding halt, and transporting us to a tranquil plane of psychedelic sounds, where the demands of the ever-rotating clock hands become a distant memory.

We open with the trickling lo-fi vibra-loops of ‘Blue Sky’ before moving into the EPs title track, a reflective and ever-morphing lesson in meditative beat-sculpting. ‘Gold’ keeps the kaleidoscopic vibes flowing, with shimmering reverb-soaked textures that bring to mind the sonic palettes of Teebs or Shigeto from across the Atlantic.

‘I’m Stuck Forever’ brings the energy levels up a touch, with swelling low-end and driving, scattered percussion, before ‘Fun In The Sun’ lays us back down gently on a wave of sidechained static and cosmic arps. Also included on the EP is bonus track ‘Vaporclouds’, another slice of meditative dopeness from the Dortmund wunderkind, where layers of organic percussion are gradually built up over soft arpeggiated pads, rising to a stunning crescendo of chords before drifting away like a solitary passing cloud.”

01. Blue Sky 01:26
02. Time Freeze 04:27
03. Gold 03:43
04. I’m Stuck Forever 03:42
05. Fun In The Sun 02:36


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