Somepling :: Mainscreen

by Jörn

SomeplingMainscreen” ★ Label: Self-released ★ Released 28 May 2019 ★

Lp comes in a limited stamped edition of 100 copies, each copy with a unique pattern stamped on recycled cardboard sleeves. 180gr vinyl, hand-numbered sleeves.

All tracks by Somepling (Olivier Rousseaux) • Produced & mixed on Akai MPC 2000 XL sampler.

Mastered by Julien Courtois at Master Plus.

Design & stamps by Somepling.

“My sampler has that “MAIN SCREEN” button.
When I push it, I don’t know where I was before, where I’ll go next.”

01. Steps 01:54
02. AutumnMaps 04:28
03. Space and Home 03:16
04. Suammë Spoon 03:23
05. EastKlip 03:15
06. Front Cristal 03:50
07. Late Undo 05:03
08. Spleeen 02:54

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