Selffish :: He She Them Us

by Jörn

➲ Selffish “He She Them Us” ★ Label: Serein ★ Released 20 April 2017 ★

Selffish is Andrejs Eigus from Riga.

He She Them Us” is an album of precise, purposeful electronica that recalls and expands upon the output of labels like Mille Plateaux, April Records, raster-noton and City Centre Offices in the early 2000s.

The music is not purely electronic though, atop the bursts of static and staccato beats are many layers of field recordings and live instrumentation.

01. Prologue 02:53
02. Willing Suspension Of Disbelief 08:07
03. Restless Dog 05:08
04. As The Leaves Fall 05:28
05. Treijas 05:01
06. Biting Grief 05:09
07. I Came To Leave 04:32
08. Epilogue 05:32

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