Repeated Viewing :: Art Imitates

by Jörn

Repeated ViewingArt Imitates” ★ Label: Spun Out Of Control ★ Rel. 08 August 2016 ★

Cues from and inspired by the short film ‘Art Imitates’, a darkly satirical look at the compromises and sacrifices one actress decides to make to achieve her own Hollywood ending. Scored by Glaswegian composer Alan Sinclair – aka Repeated Viewing – this film score showcases a more ambient and minimalist side to his electronica-based musical palette, that reflects the dream-like nature of the short and, in turn, makes for absolutely perfect late night listening!

Whilst Side A of this tape release on Spun Out Of Control is music used in the film, Side B is composed of tracks recorded at the same time and in the same vein that did not make the final cut. For completeness these ‘bonus tracks’ are included here as being perfect musical bedfellows.

Composed, produced & performed by Repeated Viewing, 2016.

Specially commissioned artwork unique to this release by Eric Adrian Lee.

01. Preparation for the Descent 03:20
02. A Country Trip 04:22
03. Night Thoughts 04:56
04. Deep in a Well 03:34
05. Clawed Back to the Earth 02:53
06. Chase Bass 04:28
07. Bar Room Shuffle for Love 04:25
08. MTXAOM 04:00
09. Unveiling 04:40
10. Trial by Error 02:21

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