René Schier :: Zazen

by Jörn

René SchierZazen” ★ Label: Urban Waves Records ★ Released 19 January 2017 ★

With Zazen, René Schier offers us a ticket into a parallel universe where the laws of physics are different. You’ll find yourself floating in air and walking on water. A place where your dreams are reality and reality is just a dream.

With deep jazzy melodies and abstract beats, Zazen transcends music genres, we are somewhere in between. Let yourself go, open a window to your inner vision, here’s a great piece of music to meditate to. But rest assured heavy head nodding is part of the ritual!

Limited black tapes • Edition of 50.

01. Memories 02:58
02. Palm Trees 03:54
03. Swimming Pool 03:53
04. Astral Travelling 03:19
05. Time Flies 03:20
06. Streetview 04:25
07. Let’s Go Home! 03:53
08. Midnight 03:57
09. Yinyan 04:10
10. Set Level 02:28
11. Zazen 03:19 video
12. Flame Food 03:34
13. Biters 03:39
14. Hishiryo 04:00
15. Nirvana 03:08
16. Structures 02:56

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