Pepo Galán :: For Victoria

by Jörn

Pepo GalánFor Victoria” ★ Label: Fluid Audio ★ Released 9 September 2019 ★

Pepo Galán’s “For Victoria” is an x-ray in musical form – black notes are imprinted upon a white stave in the same way that white bones are pressed against a black background – checking out things on a deeper level, highlighting and revealing what was once invisible.

On this record, the unseen turns visible, although it isn’t in an entirely obvious way. A September breeze shakes the leaves.

Vibrations quiver in the air, sent from a booming speaker. Both breeze and music are present – we feel them – and while they still affect the world, their actions causing reactions upon it, they remain hidden to the naked eye.

Music written, recorded and produced by Pepo Galán • Design by Daniel Crossley.

01. Victoria 05:01
02. Autumn Youth (With Sita Ostheimer) 05:24
03. February (With Rafael Anton Irisarri) 09:45
04. Expected Birth 03:52
05. Abstract Dream With Haines (With Sita Ostheimer) 08:14
06. The River Flows Into The Sea 02:24

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