OGRE :: The Psychic Zero

by Jörn

OGREThe Psychic Zero” ★ Label: Self-released ★ Released 27 July 2016 ★

Inspired by the short story ‘The Zone Of Terror’ by J. G. Ballard.

After a nervous breakdown, Larsen retreats to a desert resort under the care of psychologist Bayliss. A series of psychoretinal hallucinations begin to evolve, induced by Bayliss’ course of psilocybin treatment; the spectres of translucent men walk amongst the uninhabited chalets, as Larsen falls outside of time.

01. MCMLXXXIII 02:02
02. Post-hypnotic suggestion 02:02
03. The detail in dreams 02:20
04. Deep schizos, irreversible paranoids 03:26
05. Echo of the unreal 02:15
06. Forgotten Intentions 01:57
07. ‘Hallucination is the wrong term altogether’ 02:41
08. The Ghost Archetype 04:40
09. ‘There’s a gun in my letterbox’ 01:40
10. First of the three 03:49

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