by Jörn

OGREBALLARD” ★ Label: Data Airlines ★ Released 25 February 2018 ★

This is a very limited pressing of tracks from The Psychic Zero and The Cosmic Fugue albums, completely remastered, and with new art by signalstarr.

Side A (Track 1-7):

Inspired by the short story ‘The Zone Of Terror’ by J. G. Ballard.

After a nervous breakdown, Larsen retreats to a desert resort under the care of psychologist Bayliss. A series of psychoretinal hallucinations begin to evolve, induced by Bayliss’ course of psilocybin treatment; the spectres of translucent men walk amongst the uninhabited chalets, as Larsen falls outside of time.

Side B:

Based on the short stories ‘News from the Sun’, ‘Memories of the Space Age’ & ‘Myths of the Near Future’ by J. G. Ballard.

The space grounds along Cape Canaveral lie empty. Abandoned launch sites, the husks of the Apollo missions, litter the coastline. Space flight has brought about a psychic fissure: a fugue inducing space sickness. Humanity succumbs to a debilitating, timeless trance. A lone astronaut, responsible for the first murder in space, haunts his victims among the deserted Florida hotels.

01. MCMLXXXIII 02:02
02. Post-hypnotic suggestion 02:02
03. Deep schizos, irreversible paranoids 03:26
04. Forgotten Intentions 01:57
05.’Hallucination is the wrong term altogether’ 02:41
06. ‘There’s a gun in my letterbox’ 01:40
07. First of the three 03:49
08. Ident IV 00:12
09. The last man to walk on the Moon 02:38
10. Memories of the Space Age 03:53
11. Threat Of Extinction 01:44
12. ‘If anyone’s immune, you are’ 01:47
13. Total time lost (Intermission) 01:13
14. Terraces of Soleri II 02:34
15. Reflecting the void 01:05
16. News from the Sun 02:17

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