Nuage :: Neida

by Jörn

NuageNeida” ★ Project Mooncircle ★ Released 18 August 2015 ★ Artwork: Greg Haynes

Inspired by a long lost tale from dark and cold northern lands, written many ages ago, ‘Neida’ is the story of a young boy who one day noticed an eerie call, so peculiar and odd that he could not resist but to follow it. While it resonated through remnants of ancient settlings, the boy had to overcome many obstacles and solve numerous quests, journey through mystical forests, foggy mountains and ghostly villages, battle the forces of nature and lose himself in this adventure. Finally reaching the ocean after an exhausting voyage, a mysterious invisible force drew him closer and closer to it, suddenly entranced in a state between consciousness, floating underwater, lured by the siren of the sea.

01. Nulla 04:40
02. Haunting 06:57
03. Spring Ghosts 04:02
04. Best Mistake 05:23
05. Neida (feat. Olga Maximova) 04:41
06. Overflow (feat. Olga Maximova) 05:51
07. Erased (Digital Bonus) 06:06
08. If I Found (Digital Bonus) 06:29

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