Moss Covered Technology :: Southern Points

by Jörn

➲ Moss Covered TechnologySouthern Points” ★ Label: Hibernate ★ Released 16 February 2019 ★

Hibernate are pleased to announce the latest release, Southern Points, from Greg Baird’s Moss Covered Technology project. Having previously released on Eilean and Fluid Audio, as well as under the alias Boomruin, Baird’s latest offering brings us a continuation of his organic atmospherics.

Created during a very introspective period of his life, Southern Points is an intensely personal album, focussing on family and home life. Processed field recordings are mixed with an array of effects pedals and a Prophet 12 to create evocative textures and melodies.

Imagery is also very important to the album with scenery experienced during a day out and photos playing a huge part in inspiring the writing and creation of the pieces. The cover image was taken close to Seatown, one of the Southern Points referenced in the title.

01. A Shared Sudden Sun 04:45
02. West of Seatown 06:54
03. Coastal Light 06:16
04. To Protect You 05:08
05. Last Day of Summer 03:17
06. The Western End 04:21
07. The Eastern End 04:56
08. Estuaries 03:38
09. Hiding Cave 06:51
10. After The Before When 05:33

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