Laura Gibson :: Goners

by Jörn

Laura GibsonGoners” ★ Label: City Slang ★ Released 26 October 2018 ★

Goners, the fifth album from Laura Gibson.

It is her best record, and also her strangest.

There are hauntings and transformation, odd birds and harbingers. Women become wolves, men metamorphose into machines, ghost-children wave in the rearview mirror, a scar becomes a vessel for memory.

Her lyrics are populated with sharp objects: a needle, a thistle, a sickle, a scythe, claws and animal teeth. Her language has never felt more alive, her storytelling sharper, her imagination looser. It is a record for thinkers and feelers, for the fierce and also the weary, and despite its darkness, she has succeeded in making a work of radical hope.

Limited edition on dark green vinyl.

01. I Carry Water 04:05
02. Domestication 03:51
03. Slow Joke Grin 03:25
04. Goners 03:24
05. Performers 05:10
06. Clemency 04:23
07. Tenderness 03:36
08. Marjory 03:21
09. Thomas 03:26
10. I Don’t Want Your Voice To Move Me 04:17


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