Katafuta :: Floating EP

by Jörn

KatafutaFloating EP” ★ Label: Soigne Tes Oreilles ★ Released 03 February 2016 ★

Katafuta is a producer for a long time and has made his mark on electronic music with his crazy Japanese future beat rhythms. He makes music for all those people who want to escape from this busy hectic world, and so here are 9 melancholic Triphop tracks that will leave you immersed in your deep inner feelings!

His collaborators Ryuei Kotoge and Kae Uh have added their musical touch to conclude this long EP in style.

01. Livi Project 03:44
02. HR-3 04:54
03. Peaks 03:36
04. Fallen Leaves 03:39
05. 621 03:18
06. Uncle Text 03:51
07. Advib 03:48
08. Dapart 04:21
09. Marge 03:12
10. Advib (Ryuei Kotoge Remix) 02:00
11. Advib (Kae Uh Remix) 03:07

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