Kai Beckman :: yin_yang

by Jörn

Kai Beckmanyin_yang” ★ Label: Bedlam Tapes ★ Released 08 December 2016 ★

Kai Beckman, who has perviously released on Bedlam Tapes under his better know alias s a k i 夢, is back again with the brand new album, yin_yang, releasing under his own name.

Forgoing the sampled nature of saki, Kai brings 100% original music production under his own name. yin_yang is a love letter or sorts, an esoteric journey of love and confusion, told through breathtaking ambient pieces, and bombastic IDM bangers.

Release on Bedlam Tapes with a run of 30 transparent blue and 30 transparent red tapes.

01. ガラスの破片 09:13
02. discovery 07:53
03. empty 06:37
04. betta splendens 07:10
05. she will move away 04:20
06. morning 朝 04:31
07. olm / seabunny / wisp 12:47
08. メッセンジャーRNA 02:28
09. tank2 05:14
10. always and forever 09:51

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