H.Takahashi :: Low Power

by Jörn

H.TakahashiLow Power” ★ Label: White Paddy Mountain ★ Released 01 August 2018 ★

H.Takahashi, Tokyo based Architect and sound designer.

Low Power’ draws strands of Minimalism from the Japanese Minimalist works from the likes of Hiroshi Yoshimura and Satoshi Ashikawa, to masters such as Erik Satie and John Cage, and Ambient leaders Brian Eno and Roedelius.

His sound sometimes seems to be drizzling like rain, but still the feeling of refreshing sounds sinks pleasantly inside the body like a shower bathed after running 100 meters with full power.

A genuine melody gives a feeling that drifts in the water.

The philosophy of simple timbre composition and placement makes me feel the composition of the Japanese garden and the minimalism of Sen no Rikyu.

Artwork: Julien Meert • Design: Natsuki Morita.

01. Lost 02:42
02. Blue 03:59
03. Morphine 02:20
04. Dust 05:13
05. Labyrinth 03:31
06. Circulation 06:09
07. Eroding 05:15
08. Halcyon 07:01

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