Glåsbird :: Grønland

by Jörn

Glåsbird :: Grønland ★ Label: Whitelabrecs ★ Released 09 February 2019 ★

The eagerly awaited full-length debut album by Glåsbird is something that this currently anonymous artist has carefully shaped over a lengthy period of time and it is entitled Grønland. Those looking to the themes of the North Pole and travel through the treacherous Arctic Circle which were contained within Drift Stations, will see a pattern of travel or rather, migration developing.

The music itself adopts a Modern Classical approach with icy piano shards shimmering alongside glacial violin and cello drones as well as the occasional hint of grounding electric guitar.

Special ‘gatefold LP’ style packaging limited to 100 copies.

01. Gunnbjørn Fjeld 06:26
02. Tundra 08:03
03. Björtskálar 02:35
04. Hvítar Fjöll 07:15
05. Kaltsvið 06:33
06. Norðurljós 03:26

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