Wonder Club: An Exhibition Of Dreams by Sickboy

“White Walls is pleased to present Wonder Club, a new body of work from famed UK-artist Sickboy, uncurated by Ben Eine. The opening reception will be Saturday, March 17th, from 7-11 pm, and the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through April 7th, 2012.”

“Sunday Afternoon” directed by Viktor Vauthier. “We follow for one epic afternoon artist Sickboy in the make of his new solo show in San Francisco.”

/ Paintings © Sickboy // Sickboy @ White Walls // via /

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  1. Wonder Club: An Exhibition Of Dreams by Sickboy | . http://t.co/ToM2cawN

  2. -::[robot:mafia]:: » Wonder Club: An Exhibition Of Dreams by Sickboy http://t.co/5yqCBEMT

  3. Amazing work by Sickboy! #illustration #design #art http://t.co/l5TPYQxm

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