Wall Art by Nicolas Barrome

Wunderschöne Wandmalereien des französischen Künstlers Nicolas Barrome. Mehr schicke Bilder von bunten Wänden und weitere Arbeiten des Künstlers findest Du auf seinem Flickr-Stream.

/ Images © Nicolas Barrome /

If you find anything interesting & decide to share please link back 2 robotmafia
  1. Jörn says:

    wow, absolutely stunning! thanks a lot for the link.

    i have posted an update on the site with your fantastic four wall:


    cheers jörn.

  2. Hello jörn,

    Thanks a lot for these compliments!
    I don’t know if you already saw it, but i’ve just done a big wall painting in Manchester with my friends Lowbros from Germany and Dulk from Spain.
    It was during the Euroculture festival, we had a lot of fun and three days of paintings!
    Here is a link where you can see it big!!
    Hope that you’ll like it


    And you can find other pictures on my facebook

    We speak soon
    Have a nice week end
    And thanks again for your kind words


  3. Jörn says:

    hi nicolas,

    thank you! your website looks fantastic, your works are so amazing.



  4. Hello Robotmafia!
    Thanks a lot for this article! I am proud that you like these paintings!
    I am finishing my own website!
    It is not totally complete but you’ll find a lot of pictures on it
    Hope that you’ll like it
    Have a nice day guys!


    See ya

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