TinyType & Indi Kaur :: Mowglis Dream

…a short film by Swapnil Awate & Pranay Patwardhan…

MOWGLIS DREAM is a truly mesmerizing track by TinyType & Indi Kaur that transports itself and the listener into a journey of silhouettes, shadows, stories and dreams whilst deliverig cutting -edge and well- written music.

Swapnil Awate & Pranay Patwardhan were quite creative and manage to come up with a very surprising and unusual result. They created a short film which is supposed to make you being absolutely amazed.

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  1. @tinydubs says:

    http://t.co/OYgzjFDp 2D animated video of Mowglis Dream by TinyType & Indi Kaur featured by robotmafia

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