:: Three Years of Soigne Tes Oreilles

➲ Various Artists “3 Years of Soigne Tes Oreilles” ★ Soigne Tes Oreilles ★ Rel. 30 Nov. 2015 ★

Celebrating our third anniversary smoothly, Soigne tes Oreilles Rec. is still enlivened by the same desire of supporting the emerging electronic music scene.

This compilation gathers some already known producers from the label and new artists who deliver their first tracks, predicting great surprises to come.

Eclectic, it includes tracks that can sooth us in our daily life while gaining power. We get started with smooths and experimental atmospheres, to finish with more solid and vitamined jams. This is a large representation of the Soigne Tes Oreilles universe by its producers.

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