The Long Memory Is The Most Radical Idea In America


Recent work by Pat Perry created in collaboration with the Beehive Collective.

This picture is of a true story. It’s something that is actually happening.

It is the loss of that long memory which deprives our people of the connective flow of thoughts and events that clarifies our vision, not of where we’re going, but where we want to go.

-Utah Phillips.

“The Beehive’s well known for making hyperdetailed posters that are hand-drawn stories about global struggle, climate justice, and class inequality. The pictures dissect our moment in history, and tell stories of resistance from the ground level. What many aren’t familiar with is the Beehive’s local work in a rural town in Washington County, the most economically fucked-over county in Maine.”

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// Illustration © Pat Perry & Beehive Collective /// via //

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