Sun Stood Still :: Original Soundtrack

➲ Various Artists “Sun Stood Still” // Label: Babes In The Wood // Rel. 18 September 2014.

“In June, the Sun completes its journey to the highest point in the sky. It’s believed that if the sun continued it’s journey, it would rise up out of the atmosphere and die. Warrenites must prevent this. They climb to the highest point and light bonfires, dance, sing and celebrate. The flames reach up so high that they kiss the sun. The Sun sees the bonfires and people dancing and is happy. It then begins it’s decent back down to Earth so that winter can begin it’s approach.”

Concept & Story by Babes In The Wood • Mastering by Craig Owen.
Art Direction by Feyri • Original Artwork by Lewis Cooper.

Soundtrack by Pssngr, Mother Nature’s Orchestra, Hibou Blaster, Kwai & Thompost.

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