Sketchbook Drawings by Marco Mazzoni

Die hier gezeigten Skizzenbuch-Zeichnungen stammen von dem 1982 in Italien geborenen Marco Mazzoni. In dem Video “How to draw a Lemur” zeigt der Künstler, wie eine seiner Zeichnungen in seinem Skizzenbuch entsteht. Auf seinem Tumblr-BlogThe colored pencils of Marco Mazzoni” findest du noch viele weitere wunderschöne Bilder und Zeichnungen.

// Drawings © Marco Mazzoni //

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  1. […] By TAXI Daily News August 11, 2014 Design No Comments 0 [Click here to view the video in this article] Italian artist Marco Mazzoni has come up with these cool drawings of animals that seem to pop up from his sketchbook. Mazzoni uses mostly blue and purple in his works, and plays with a lot of light and shadow to make them come to life. Watch the artist at work below. [via Robot Mafia] […]

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