Secret Xrigins :: Strange Fruit

➲ Secret Xrigins “Strange Fruit” // Label: stillMUZIK // Rel. 01 July 2014 // Artwork: Marone.

“Sometimes life makes us give up plans we had once. But with obstinacy, plans stay in our minds and end up becoming works. Mostly, no one should finish stuff without being sure of its quality.

Two dudes, DOC Mastermind and Profesor Panson one in Paris, the other in San Jose, Ca, met each other musically. They understood each other. But thousands of miles between two beatmakers can be tough to manage. Obligations, work, daily shit floods us sometimes. One of their tracks featured on a UK compilation convinced the two dudes that they shouldn’t give up.

So their music took round trips Paris-San Jose and they realized that their beats were staring to get real tight, so this project should be released. Here’s the result, a mad combination called Secret Xrigins ‘Strange Fruit‘. A strange growing process, maybe a strange form, but definitely real good tasting. Call it funk, space funk, new G funk, whatever you want, but one thing is for sure, once you taste this strange fruit, you’ll see life differrently.”

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