Sculptures That Lost The Sense Of Time // Trailer

For an artist, what is his own art?
To what extent can an artist become one with his work?

Imagine a sculptor working on a marble figure. This artwork, while being shaped, will develop a life of its own, with its own soul. Now imagine this newborn soul wanting be part of the artistic process, contributing to the creation of an artwork in which itself is contained. And as its creativity fuels the process, it also slowly consumes itself, just as humans expend to eventually become a pile of dust.

What if the artist, witnessing this phenomenon, would then want to repossess his artwork and make it part of himself again?

Sculptures That Lost The Sense Of Time is a collaboration between Luigi Pane and Federico Pepe who get together to explore and play with what are in fact a series of “impossible paradoxes in art”.

written and directed by LUIGI PANE & FEDERICO PEPE.

based on the project “Un Homme Juste Est Quand Mȇme Un Homme Mort” by FEDERICO PEPE & PIERPAOLO FERRARI.

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