Ryuei Kotoge :: Hashi Yasume EP

Ryuei KotogeHashi Yasume EP” // Label: Soigne Tes Oreilles // Released 11 Nov. 2013.

Ryuei Kotoge is a Japanese producer releasing a new EP on a 6 tracks format as the 11th release on STO records.

箸休め EP, pronounced “Hashi-yasume EP” is an interim report of sound experiment between Sampling and Electronics sonorities. He is getting his unique sound space wide & wide slowly, but firmly. He previously released a cassette tape on Day Tripper Records, a top Japanese label running by beat maker Seiho and his Sunset Truth EP on Vol.4 Records, an internet label of Japan in 2011.

He also provided tracks on compilations and self-released many tunes.

// via Dreamt about Dreaming //

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