Photography by Robin Cracknell

Born in India and raised in America, Robin Cracknell moved to London in 1987 after a season in Milan where he had been shooting fashion photography. After unexpectedly becoming a single father in 1997, Robin gave up commercial work for eight years to concentrate solely on raising his son. “The photographs themselves incorporate a unique non-digital process which combines traditional film photography with cinematography, the intention being to give these ‘still’ pictures a vaguely narrative quality that I hope speaks about love, loss and memory.”

“Loss is the heart of my work; specifically the transience of childhood and how memories of that short period shape the rest of our lives. When my son was born, I felt driven to document and preserve his life in photographs but gradually realised he was more a mirror than a subject and I was actually restaging episodes and conjuring feelings from my own childhood rather than immortalising him as I’d intended. And maybe all photography works with way. Perhaps we are sutured into every snapshot we take and every picture is a self-portrait in disguise and even within the ‘happiest’ moments lurks a subtext of void and artifice.”

/ Images © Robin Cracknell // via Dark Silence In Suburbia /

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