Photographic Collages by Philipp Igumnov

Beinahe täglich veröffentlicht der in Moskau, Russland lebende Künstler Philipp Igumnov aka Wood- cum neue fantastische Collagen oder Illustrationen auf seinem Flickr-Stream oder LiveJournal.

|Images © Philipp Igumnov|

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  1. Dear Phlipp

    Hello pleasure to talk to you.
    Please contact me!!!

    My name is Mutsumi Watanabe, the creative director of international fashion exhibition “rooms”.
    I contacted you for offering your opus to be a main visual for next exhibition, rooms 24.

    First of all, I’d like to explain about “rooms”. (*hereafter rooms)

    rooms is held twice for a year in Tokyo. (a period continues 3 days)
    The date of next exhibition is February 21st through 23rd 2012, the number of exhibiting brands would be about 400 (including domestic and from overseas).
    Mainly the visitors are fashion buyers, press, someone who’re specialists from fashion and design society.

    please check the photo or movie at our web-site below;

    now I talk about the point.

    I always evaluate the seasonal concept which contains message to transmit . That is one of the most important element for this exhibition.

    As you may know Japan was deeply damaged by serious natural disasters, also still having problem of nuclear plant as Chernobyl / Russia.
    In such circumstances, We try to encourage and cheer up the fashion society by what We can do. As a result all of the effort could be a part of reviving Japan.

    The last rooms in September, I focused on vitality and set forth the concept “VIVID” then for this time is “Adventure”
    because although the obvious damage of natural disasters still remains, We are required to get more forward.

    Therefore, I was researching a visual which can represent my conceptual image of “Adventure”, I found out your opus “ettcd” on “flickr”.
    That is perfectly matched what I was drawing in my mind. excuse me for this sudden request, however, I really would love to collaborate with you for rooms 24.

    let me raise example the collaboration in past exhibition.

    * rooms 22: Heartbeat Sasaki /
    * rooms 23: Carnovsky /

    *about the details of collaboration is followed by attached file “about collaboration”.
    (which was rooms held in February 2011 also We need to discuss to more sharp details)

    *the amount for the opus is not so going to be big budget however please let me discuss.

    when I saw your opus I felt absolutely strong impact then directly attracted by like a light and darkness, inextricably linked that normally We can’t sense. then let it to spear, spread, the possibility is occurred from the life…
    I’ve been into the creation for long time but there are no other works stick my mind like this…

    I truly wish We can form rooms 24 with you.

    Thank you for taking time to read my long message.
    looking forward to hear the positive answer from you.
    My email address (Please send me message this email address)


    Mutsumi Watanabe

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