An Animated Lesson About The History Of Treadmill

“The constant thud underneath your feet. The constrained space. The monotony of going nowhere fast. Running on a treadmill can certainly feel like torture, but did you know it was originally used for that very purpose?

Conor Heffernan details the dark and twisted history of the treadmill.”

Lesson by Conor Heffernan • Narratation: Addison Anderson • Illustration & Animation: Yukai Du.

Harry Kellar In His Latest Mystery: Self Decapitation

// Animated Image “Harry Kellar, self decapitation poster” © Un gif dans ta gueule… //

Various Illustrations by Marina Muun

Zum ersten Mal hatte ich die wunderschönen Illustrationen der in Bulgarien geborenen Künstlerin Marina Muun Ende 2012 hier schon einmal vorgestellt. Aktuell lebt und arbeitet sie in London und ihre Illustrationen erscheinen regelmässig in zahlreichen verschiedenen bekannten Publikationen.

// Illustrations © Marina Muun /// ☇ Art Prints Available //

Beatsofreen :: Slowly Rising

Official music video for BEATSOFREEN ­“Slowly Rising”.

Included in album “FULL CIRCLE” by King Deluxe //

Directed by Hideki Inaba • Photography by Markus Lehr.

Black & White In Color

This short video by Julianna Thomas is the culmination of a year and a half of experimentation with black and white textures.

Filthy but Fine

A tough night in a tough city.

Directed, animated & designed by Arthur Metcalf.

Music by Dance with the Dead • Sound Design by Arjun G. Sheth.

Nothing Left

☇ Animated Image © Daniel Lepik /// via //

Boom is Life

“Boom is Life” was completed at the Royal College of Art in 2014.

Direction, animation, music & sound by Jesse Collett.

Young Juvenile Youth :: Animation

Music video directed by Kosai Sekine for the single “Animation” by Young Juvenile Youth.

Abstract Architectural Volumes: Paintings by Daniel Mullen

Daniel Mullen wurde 1985 in Glasgow geboren. In Amsterdam studierte er Kunst an der Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Während seines Studiums entdeckte der Künstler seine Leidenschaft für Architektur, was sich in den verschiedenen Serien seiner abstrakten Malerei widerspiegelt.

// Paintings © Daniel Mullen //