More Illustration Art by blindSALIDA

Yann Sadi, blindSALIDA, ist ein ehemaliger Art Director, der Illustrator wurde. Seine Arbeiten sind sehr vielseitig, neben explosiven Illustrationen fertig der Künstler auch Infografiken, mathematische Diagramme oder digitale Schriftzüge an. Yann Sadi lebt und arbeitet in Paris.

// Illustrations © Yann Sadi //

True Cat

Created by Edward Kurchevsky & Yelyzaveta Pysmak for the 48h film challenge 2016.

Music: Columbia Orchestra – 11 – Musical Snapshots.


➲ Various Artists “Prietenii” ★ Label: Hibernate ★ Released 05 December 2016 ★

“We are pleased to announce our Prietenii compilation album to help raise much needed funds for stray Romanian dogs. 100% of the income from the album will be donated to the Romanian Rescue Appeal, a UK based charity that to date has saved over 1400 dogs from the horrors of the Romanian public shelters and streets. Contributing artists to thee compilation State River Widening, The Declining Winter, Danny Clay, Leigh Toro, ISAN, Ian Hawgood, Wil Bolton, David Newlyn, The Inventors of Aircraft, Olan Mill, Simon Bainton, Isnaj Dui, Antonymes, Strom Noir, The Green Kingdom, Darren McClure, Caught In The Wake Forever, Hybernation and offthesky.

Winter is a particularly challenging time for their rescued dogs as temperatures can plummet to -20 degrees. To date the Romanian Rescue Appeal has already managed to build 10 out of 12 barns and just need to complete the last two. But they also need lots of additional doghouses, dog beds, roofing and windbreakers to protect the dogs in other enclosures and pens from the winter elements, as well as extra gravel to minimise the effects of flooding from the unprecedented rainfall this year. Our goal is to raise at least £1000.

Thank you for your support.

Yule Log: Looping Animated Holiday Shorts 2016

“Now in its 4th year, Yule Log 2.0 is a collection of short films created by various animation artists that are bringing the Yule Log tradition into the digital age.”

↓ Off the Grid by Phil Borst //

↓ Under the Stars with Spooky Friends by Stephanie Swart //

↓ Santapocalypse by Brikk //

↓ Do Yule Logs Dream of Enkindled Trees? by Gentleman Scholar //

↓ Untitled (2074) by Ege Soyuer & Moree Wu //

// More Animated X-Mas Shorts @ Yule Log 2.016 //

The Fisherman

In a diverse eco-system of mollusc like creatures, a late devoted scientist of these life forms has passed his life’s work on to his daughter, along with his most prized discovery.

‘The Fisherman’ is set in a neo-tokyo cityscape where electricity is a source of life for a diverse eco-system of mollusc like creatures • Directed & animated by Luke Saunders.

Feynman’s Building Blocks of Thermodynamics

Chemist Andrea Sella recalls Richard Feynman’s analogy explaining the conservation of energy.

A evolving negotiation over toy blocks between a mother and son comes together to illustrate the first law of thermodynamics.

There are many ways to describe the first law of thermodynamics, and many ways to explain it. In this unique animation, chemist Andrea Sella recalls one of Richard Feynman’s descriptions of the law. In a classic analogy, Feynman imagines a child with a set of building blocks, and a mother struggling to ensure he doesn’t lose any. Each day, the total number of blocks remains the same, although some do stray from their original location.

This consistent fact – that the blocks cannot be created or destroyed – allows the mother to calculate how many blocks are in a box without even looking. And this consistent fact, that energy itself is also always conserved, lays the foundation for one of physics’ greatest rules.

Directed & animated by Rosanna Wan • Narrator: Andrea Sella • Music: Kevin MacLeod.


Kinetic type short film based on a quote from Stephen Hawkings.

Music by Lorn • Words by Stephen Hawking.

Photo, animation & sound design by Magnus Engsfors.

Covers: Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves In London

Photography book by Alex Bartsch documenting the locations of forty-two reggae record covers photographed in London between 1967 and 1987.

The book will be 112 pages, hardcover, 245×245mm, with a foreword by Noel Hawks. Alex Bartsch is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to turn the record sleeves project into a book.

// Photography © Alex Bartsch /// ☇ Kickstarter Campaign /// via //

A Christmas GIF

// Animated Image “A Christmas GIF” © Al Boardman //

James Gilleard Illustrations ⥸ Revisited

Vor etwa einem Jahr hatte ich die digitalen Illustrationen von James Gilleard an dieser Stelle schon einmal vorgestellt. Die hier gezeigten Arbeiten des Illustrations- und Animationskünstler aus London sind eine aktuelle Auswahl aus 2016. Ein Portfolio mit weiteren Bildern findest du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © James Gilleard //