Paper Birds & Animals by Estudio Guardabosques

Diese faszinierenden, geometrischen Papierskulpturen wurden in dem Designstudio Estudio Guardabosques aus Buenos Aires, Argentinien gefertigt, welches von dem Ehepaar Caro Silvero und Juan Elizalde betrieben wird. Die beiden Künstler haben bereits zahlreiche Projekte mit ihren wundervollen Papierarbeiten für künstlerische Zwecke und für redaktionelle Auftragsarbeiten erstellt.

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Swimming TV :: Time Freeze

Swimming TVTime Freeze” // Label: Cosmonostro // Rel. 26 May 2014 // Artwork: Yawn.

Swimming TV lands at Cosmonostro HQ with six tracks of pure lysergic bliss, perfect for those long hazy summer days in the park. The ‘Time Freeze’ EP lives up to its name, slowing down the chaos of modern existence to a grinding halt, and transporting us to a tranquil plane of psychedelic sounds, where the demands of the ever-rotating clock hands become a distant memory.

We open with the trickling lo-fi vibra-loops of ‘Blue Sky’ before moving into the EPs title track, a reflective and ever-morphing lesson in meditative beat-sculpting. ‘Gold’ keeps the kaleidoscopic vibes flowing, with shimmering reverb-soaked textures that bring to mind the sonic palettes of Teebs or Shigeto from across the Atlantic.

‘I’m Stuck Forever’ brings the energy levels up a touch, with swelling low-end and driving, scattered percussion, before ‘Fun In The Sun’ lays us back down gently on a wave of sidechained static and cosmic arps. Also included on the EP is bonus track ‘Vaporclouds’, another slice of meditative dopeness from the Dortmund wunderkind, where layers of organic percussion are gradually built up over soft arpeggiated pads, rising to a stunning crescendo of chords before drifting away like a solitary passing cloud.”

// via Dreamt about Dreaming //

A Horse Throat

A small horse in a restaurant can’t stop coughing. Everybody is irritated.

Directed by David Barlow-Krelina & Jenna Marks.

WINNER of the Crazy Horse Session – 48h Animation Jam at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, 2014 • Made in 48 hours.

The Metalheadz Show On Rinse FM // 2014-05-21

Storm, Ink & Randall guest on our 14th Metalheadz monthly show, presented by Khanage.

A Headz XX 20 year special!

Metalheadz on Rinse FM, 3rd Wednesday of every month between the hours of 11PM – 1AM.

✖ No Tracklist Available.

Download The Show

I Know, We’re All Gonna Die. Everybody Knows That.

“I know, we’re all gonna die. Everybody knows that. But I’m going to die today. Funny that… you know, to know”

// Gravity (2013) /// Animated Image © Tech Noir //

In-Between Matters – A Skateboard Short Film

This short film is a musical experience about the connections between matters.

Directed by Steven Blatter • Music by Christophe Calpini.
Skateboarding (Leaf skateboards) by Patrice Ganda.

Various Artists :: Mad​-​Hop Compilation Vol​.​8

Mad​-​Hop Vol​.​8 // Label: Mad-Hop Records // Released 28 May 2014 // Artwork: Letter D.

“Kicking off this summer with another international episode of the ‘Mad-Hop’ compilation series, the 8th in line is full of new tunes and supported by 3 gigs in Poland with artist such as Kixnare, Minoo, Zova and En2ak and our spacial guest Slugabed.

Expect crazy tunes on ‘Mad-Hop vol.8′ from Pixelord and Emufucka, some chill out from Daisuke Tanabe, Killing Skills, Lomovolokno, Julien Mier, Evil Needle, 1000names and a couple of fresh Mc’s: straight from Holland Joe Kickass and homies from Venezuela Burguez ft. Jizor.

In this edition, we joined forces with two other labels: GERGAZ (SVK) with GLGN and JIMMY Pé label; a small community of people with a need to present their music or other related work. The label’s main focus is to release a non-commercial work of unknown artists or projects.

We’re also working with Beat Broke (USA), an Austin, TX-based record label that works with a lot of European artists, supported by Leadesmen Dutch electronic duo who create dark, pulsating soundscapes layered with bubbling synths and pounding percussion (similar team as seen on Mad-Hop vol.5 ( Mad-Love )!)”

Moonfishing by David Michael Friend

A short puppet film by David Michael Friend; part of Heather Henson’s “Handmade Puppet Dreams” series.

A fisherman’s hobby of sculpting is interrupted when he must perform his monthly task of illuminating the town he lives in. With container on back, fishing pole in hand, and his current carving stashed in his pocket, the lonely soul goes searching for the perfect spot to catch the moon’s shimmering sister. But his shattered hope for exchanging his catch for the villager’s fellowship returns him to his art for companionship.

Chinti by Natalia Mirzoyan

The shore on which little ant lives is a narrow slip of ground all filled with trash embound by a wall from one side and a river from the other. Little ant tries to fit into the strict daily routine of the ant family, but finds it really hard for him.

The main character’s world changes greatly when he finds a small piece of paper – a ticket with the picture of Taj Mahal. Ant falls in love with the gorgeous architecture of this building. He understands that it exists somewhere, but it is very far away. So, having no idea of the actual size of the building, the ant decides to construct the same building on his own shore, and make it look exactly the same as the original.

The film is made of different types of tea leaves • Directed & animated by Natalia Mirzoyan.

“Paint It Black (Hand)” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

• Print by Shepard Fairey: 18″ x 24″ Screen Print. Signed & numbered Ed. of 450. Costs $50.
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