Project Canada: On The Radar Vol. 1

➲ Project Canada: “On The Radar Vol.1” ★ Label: Millennium Jazz Music ★ Rel. 21 Oct. 2016 ★

On The Radar is a new production series where Millennium Jazz Music showcases entire albums to focused on features from producers that reside or represent a certain country.

“For this session we have some of our Canadian friends on the radar as we are happy to present, Project Canada – On The Radar Vol.1.”

Artwork by James Greenway for Design Greenway.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #74

☇ Animated Image © 30000fps //

☇ Animated Image “160930_” © Doze Studio //

☇ Animated Image © XCOPY //


“KINGDOM OF COLORS” is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves.

The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil & soap liquid.

Directors: Oilhack & Thomas Blanchard • Music by Velvet Coffee.

Supergraphics: Illustrations by Fardan Munshi

Supergraphics ist eine Reihe von illustrierten Plakatmotiven des aus Waterloo, Kanada stammenden unabhängig arbeitenden Designers Fardan Munshi, die diverse übermenschliche Fähigkeiten in geometrischen Designs visualisieren.

// Illustrations © Fardan Munshi //


A video about unsatisfying situations created and directed by Parallel Studio: the frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things of everyday life, that are so painful to live or even to watch.

Animation & Illustration: Parallel Studio • Sound Design: Zelig Sound • Music: Samuel Barber.


Engrossed in the cacophonous work routine, a man manages to escape from it by composing his own everyday life music.

Transparent paper-cuts and engraving on adhesive paper created by Anna Leterq.

“Re-Animator” Poster Art by Stan & Vince

⏚ Poster Art by Stan & Vince: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Limited Edition of 125. Costs $85.
// Illustration © Stan & Vince /// ☇ Poster Art @ Mad Duck Posters /// via //

Europaweite Aussichten :: Night Sequences

Europaweite AussichtenNight Sequences” ★ Self-released ★ Released 01 Sept. 2016 ★

German-based synthwave artist Europaweite Aussichten is back with ALL NEW music!

Night Sequences” is his third EP, featuring seven brand new original tracks including the lead single “Chroma” and one collaboration with French-based synthwave mastermind Speed Machine!
The EP continues the sonic journey of Europaweite Aussichten’s latest record “Purgatory” which was released last year on Werkstatt Recordings. It’s cold and dark but beautiful atmosphere makes this new release a very dream-like experience. There’s a lot of 80’s nostalgia and love for analog sounds. All tracks were recorded on an old BASF Chrome Maxima II tape.

Picture yourself as a kid, watching a bunch of movies on TV or VHS at night.

Artwork by Europaweite Aussichten • Photography by Andreas Willemsen.


In order to avenge the death of his wife, a man is tracking down a mysterious killer.

A graduation movie directed and made by Alexandre Berger, Christ Ibovy and Hugo Rizzon.

MondoCon Poster Art Release

• “The Martian” by Oliver Barrett.
⏚ 24″x36″ Screen Print. Hand Numbered. Edition of 250. Costs $45.

• “Under The Skin” by Matthew Woodson.
⏚ 24″x36″ Screen Print with Spot Varnish. Edition of 275. Costs $45.

• Rosemary’s Baby (Variant) by Jonathan Burton.
⏚ 24″x36″ Screen Print. Hand Numbered. Edition of 150. Costs $65.

✘ The poster artworks will be going on sale on Tuesday, November 1st at a random time.
// ☇ Poster Art Available @ Mondo //