Ground Floor by Asya Aizen

Subjective city of a mistaken mind.

Graduation film by Asya Aizen // Bezalel Academy of arts and design Jerusalem 2014.

Fingersonmyhand :: Feelings We Cannot Explain

➲ Various Artists “Feelings We Cannot Explain” // fingersonmyhand // Rel. 01 August 2014.

Feelings We Cannot Explain is the first various artists compilation released under fingersonmyhand. It is intended to be a dedication to the followers, artists, and fellow promoters who have made this channel what it is. Enjoy”

Sketchbook Drawings by Marco Mazzoni

Die hier gezeigten Skizzenbuch-Zeichnungen stammen von dem 1982 in Italien geborenen Marco Mazzoni. In dem Video “How to draw a Lemur” zeigt der Künstler, wie eine seiner Zeichnungen in seinem Skizzenbuch entsteht. Auf seinem Tumblr-BlogThe colored pencils of Marco Mazzoni” findest du noch viele weitere wunderschöne Bilder und Zeichnungen.

// Drawings © Marco Mazzoni //

All They Do Is Drink And Fool Around

“All they do is drink and fool around. … That’s what everybody does.”

// I Used to Be Darker (2013) /// Animated Image © Tech Noir //

Cosmic Flower Unfolding

Cosmic Flower Unfolding is a constant flow of emerging and dissolving oceanic, futuristic, and mandala forms. It is a tribute to abstraction, it’s connection to the inner space we inhabit and how it can be externalized.

A film by Ben Ridgway.

Animal Space Travellers by Norbert Mayer

Tiere im Weltraum! Nobert Mayer, der derzeit an der ungarischen Hochschule für Bildende Künste Grafikdesign studiert, gedenkt mit seiner minimierten Designserie “Animal Space Travellers” an die tapferen Tiere, die für den Erfolg des Weltraumzeitalters beigetragen haben.

// Graphic Design © Norbert Mayer /// via //

The Zeppelin by Edwin Haverkamp

This video is part of the What if? education series, a series of educational animations for children that explores the fascinating world of failed inventions.

Concept, design, animation & story: Edwin Haverkamp.

“Echo System” Art Print by Michael Latimer

⏚ Print by M. Latimer: Available in 2 sizes Giclee. Signed & numb. Edition of 25. Starts £50.
// Image © Michael Latimer /// ☇ Art Print Available @ /// via //

Twigs & Yarn :: The Language Of Flowers

Twigs & YarnThe Language Of Flowers” // Label: flau // Released 07 August 2014.

THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS is the debut LP from Texas born artists Twigs & Yarn. It is an intimate story pieced together between continents and bedrooms, a collage of musical messages assembled from traditional instruments, found objects, lonely nights, paper cups and trembling voices. The songs range from simple improvisations to meticulously arranged soundscapes, with subtle textures and melodies held together by a drowsy ambience and fuzz that will leave you sleepy-eyed and dreaming. The album was beautifully mastered by Nick Zammuto (The Books, Zammuto).

Recorded during a yearlong separation, the music embraces the discovery of sharing sounds from across the sea through ftp servers and email. Utilizing lo-fi recorders, homemade microphones, looping pedals and layered vocals, the songs developed slowly from the random joining of sound clips never intended for each other, creating beautiful unexpected moments.

Many of the sounds for the album were recorded by Lauren McMurray while living in Japan: radio frequencies, people talking on the streets, temple bells, and quiet vocals hummed into coffee tins in the dead of night. Her voice is ethereal and strange, and she uses it to create a texture of sounds from dreamy whispers to full choruses. The final compositions were augmented and stitched together by Stephen Orsak using guitars, electronics, field recordings and sequencers. Floating across the sea, changing forms, and taking us to an unknown place, The Language of Flowers is a soundtrack for nostalgic dreams.”

Twigs & Yarn is Stephen Orsak and Lauren McMurray.

Animal L O O P S by Rafael Varona

// Animated Illustrations © Rafael Varona //