Spicules :: Even Deeper

SpiculesEven Deeper” ★ Self-released ★ Released 27 December 2014 ★

All music written & recorded by Aleksandr Nefedov.

Paintings by Lars Daniel Rehn

Die Malereien des schwedischen Künstlers Lars Daniel Rehn von nördlichen Dörfern sind immer mit Schnee bedeckt. Die Bilder erscheinen einfach, sind aber bei genauerem Hinsehen komplex. Auf dem Flickr-Stream des Künstlers findest Du noch weitere interessante Arbeiten.

// Paintings © Lars Daniel Rehn /// via //

Followers by Gints Zilbalodis

A man escapes from prison and meets a boy who has run away from school.

Written & Directed by Gints Zilbalodis • Music by Bertrams Pauls Purvišķis.

California Inspires Me

Director & artist Mike Mills tells his creative journey and speaks on his influences in “California Inspires Me”, a film by Brian Rea & Pablo Delcan.

Katuchat :: Lonely Cloud EP

KatuchatLonely Cloud EP” ★ Label: Moose Records ★ Released 18 January 2015 ★

Katuchat has kept his unique Japanese inspiration, mixed it up, twisted it up and it came across even better than anything we’ve previously heard from him. The serenity that comes out of his productions is a sweet pleasure that you don’t ever want to stop.

You will also recognize Katuchat’s trademark beats and rain-filled percussions, but this time it’s in a collab’ with our homeboy Andrea. These guys make you hang in there and wish for more. There’s an old-school / new school touch to it.”

Circular Forms: Animated Images by CircleArt

// Animated Images © CircleArt /// ☇ Art Prints Available /// via //

“Mountain Giants” Art Print by Jeff Soto

⏚ Art Print by Jeff Soto: 17″ x 22″ Giclee. Limited & Signed Edition of 50. Costs $100.
// Artwork © Jeff Soto /// ☇ Art Print Available @ Stormcloudz /// via //

Paintings by Sarah Schneider

// Paintings © Sarah Schneider /// via //

Sticky by Jilli Rose

Exiled from the tropical paradise where they evolved, a tiny population of remarkable stick insects dodged extinction by hiding under a single windswept bush on the world’s tallest sea stack for 80 years. Thanks to a dedicated team of scientists they’re now living safely in captivity, but when can they go home?

Animated & Directed: Jilli Rose • Narration: Nicholas Carlile • Sound Design: Billy Tankard.

Flow by Mathijs Demaeght

A mourning girl makes an unexpected friend when a white wolf takes her through a mysterious portal on a journey to confront her grief.

A journey about loneliness, grief, friendship and love all in one big flow.

Flow is a MA graduation project made by Mathijs Demaeght at RITS School Of Arts.