KILN :: meadow:watt

KILNmeadow:watt” (GI-192) // Ghostly International // Release 12 November 2013.

KILN expands upon its aural concepts of fluid, neverwhere textures with meadow:watt, its third full-length with Ghostly International. Building upon the sound they developed over 10 years ago with Sunbox, then expounded upon in 2007 with Dusker, the evocative spaces of meadow:watt bring the sonic art of Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison and Clark Rehberg III into even sharper focus. The nine tracks of meadow:watt continuously construct and deconstruct themselves, gliding through movements of disrupted organic & electrified elements. In many ways, meadow:watt is KILN‘s most melodic record yet with tracks like “Acre” and “Moth and Moon,” which offer dreamy guitar notes bending like the sun’s curves on a watery horizon. “Pinemarten” is driven by its percussion, strolling in a steady line where there is no path, and “Jux” offers a cascade of oxidized symphonics, tumbling through dubbed out atmospheres of liquid zipper treatments.

// via Dreamt about Dreaming //

A Tangled Tale

A lone fish, hooked by an angler’s line, encounters another in the same dire situation. As the two fish struggle against their fate, they develop an inevitable, entangling attraction. Is it love or merely a will to survive? This vibrant, watery underwater world showcases my revolutionary approach to sand animation, a seamless blend of traditionally handcrafted imagery and technological innovation.

Story & animation: Corrie Francis Parks • Music by Mark Orton • Sound by Cole Pierce.

Illustrations by Brian Edward Miller

Brian Edward Miller, Besitzer, Künstler und Illustrator hinter dem Orlin Culture Shop (OCS), angesiedelt in Erie, Colorado, schuf diese beeindruckenden Illustrationen. Seine Arbeiten bilden eine Verschmelzung aus Einflüssen seiner Kindheit aus den achtziger Jahren, dem Familienerbe aus Künstlern und Handwerkern und über ein Jahrzehnt Erfahrung als Kreativprofi.

// Illustrations © Brian Edward Miller //


Official video for ‘Blanc’ by TERRITOIRE from the album “Mandorle” out on Envelope Collective.

Direction & photography by Pedro Martín-Calero.

Illustrations by Roberto Blefari

Roberto Blefari, geboren 1982, ist Hikimi, ein Illustrator aus Turin, Italien. Er selbst sagt über sich: “Dreaming is free, my mom must have thought the same when I was born like this, with my head between the clouds“. Besuche seine Webseite um noch mehr über den Künstler zu erfahren.

// Illustrations © Roberto Blefari /// ☇ Art Prints Available /// via //

NUMéROBé :: Powders

NUMéROBéPowders” // Self-Released // Rel. 03 November 2013 // Artwork: Loup Blaster.

Animated “Lighthouse” music video directed by BBBlaster • A Vjing, illustration and animation project composed by visual artists Loup Blaster and Dalkhafine, collaborating with music producers, Hibou Blaster and Numérobé.

Light Painting With Pixelstick

Bitbanger Labs spent the last year building pixelstick, a light painting tool capable of everything from photo-real renders to amazing abstract ribbons.

Réflexions Faites: Digital Art by Romain Trystram

In den Bildern dieser wunderschönen digitalen Illustrationsserie “Réflexions Faites” des freiberuflichen Künstlers Romain Trystram dreht es sich um Licht, Regen, Reflexionen und auch um Reisen im weitesten Sinne. Romain Trystram lebt und arbeitet in Paris, Frankeich.

// Illustrations © Romain Trystram /// via //

Project: Mooncircle Compilation :: Uprising

➲ Various Artists “Uprising” // Label: Project: Mooncircle // Released 01 November 2013.

This year’s label-compilation thematically revolves all about the rise up from the generic. It is about young talented artists who are still struggling on their way up and are out there to make a name for themselves.

A wild stallion fights it’s way up from the dirt and tries to receive recognition by separating itself from the herd. Breaking through the anonymity of the group to the freedom of running through endless land- and soundscapes into horizons of new sonic worlds.


Music by ZENИTH, ALMEEVA & Greg Buffier (SAÅAD) • Directed by Gregory Hoepffner.

“Iceberg” released on Futuresequence#6.