Portrait by Donato Sansone

A slow and surreal video|slideshow of nightmareish, grotesque and apparently static characters by Donato Sansone Milkyeyes • Sound: Enrico Ascoli.

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Snakethread :: Get Well EP

SnakethreadGet Well EP” // Self-released // Released 14 November 2013.

Swedish audiophilliac Snakethread is proud to present his new EP ‘Get Well’; a compilation of down-tempo, drawn out ambient electronic music.

This cinematic sound-scape encapsulates a paranormal mood through highly dynamic production. Recommended for either film productions or creating a thought-provoking atmosphere.
The creative depth derives from an emotional narrative of transformation, despair and hope. Be sure to listen on a high quality sound system to appreciate the technical intricacies and audio range this EP has to offer.

You can Buy this EP on Bandcamp, iTunes or Spotify of which all profits will be donated to Cancer Research • Dedicated to K

Room by Room by Mickey Todiwala

A series of images exploring the atmosphere of an abandoned mental institution.

Created by Mickey Todiwala • Music by Martin Stig Anderson.

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Mauco Sosa Illustration

Mauco Sosa ist ein bildender Künstler aus Mendoza in Argentinien, der ein kleines Studio in Madrid besitzt. Die hier ausgewählten Illustrationen sind eine Auftragsarbeit für eine Bank. Einen Überblick über die vielseitigen Arbeiten des Künstlers erhälst Du bei einem Besuch auf seiner Webseite.

// Illustrations © Mauco Sosa //

OBJEKT V | Augmented Sculpture

OBJEKT V is an augmented sculpture developed in the scope of an artistic research project with the working title LUMEN. The conceptual starting point of the associated works was to create wall objects located in the dynamic area between virtuality and reality.

The projected light – the virtual dimension of OBJEKT V – influences the relationship between the sculpture and the surrounding space. With a high end projector, as the only physical illuminant, we tried to achieve the illusion of multiple light sources interacting with both the sculpture and its ambiance. By merging the object shadows with their virtual counterparts, the logical reactions of light and shadow are subtly subverted to cause slight and yet playful irritations of the spectator’s perception.

Art Director: Max Negrelli, Jonas Wiese • Motion graphics: Max Negrelli, Jonas Wiese.

Planet Twelve by Andy Martin

“Well it seems that this is the end, it’s a pretty clear sign when the sky starts to fall in…”

This is the twelfth and last animation from the year long illustration project ‘Illustrated Aliens‘. A new alien illustration was uploaded every day, building up to a monthly illustration of their planet. This planet was created during December 2013 by Andy Martin.

More Works by Popel Coumou

// Images © Popel Coumou //

Avalanche by Ginevra Boni

On a day like any other, a silent mountain appears as a mirror on the ice.
An uncertain character is about to make a discovery that will change his life forever.

Directed & Animated by Ginevra Boni.

That Obscure Object of Desire

☇ Animated Image “That Obscure Object of Desire (2014)” © Matthieu Bourel //

Frühzug // Morning Train

After spending the night together, a couple parts ways. Guided by the activities of the man’s morning rituals, she travels into a dream accompanied by the rhythms of the morning train and finds herself alone once again.

Direction: Delia Hess • Music: Joan & The Sailors • Sounddesign: C. Steinmann, T. Gassmann.

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