SevenThings I’ve Learned About Time Travel

Markus is an intelligent boy of nearly nine years old. His mother has been idle with depression for a considerate amount of time and his father no longer plays a part in his life. One day, Markus decides to build a time machine, with which he attempts to change the little things concerning his mother in such a way that her depression might just go away. Marcus discovers that you can’t change everything in the past with a time machine. But what about the future?

Written & directed by Jonathan Herzberg. Subtitles available.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #91

☇ Animated Image © Brian Rea /// via //

☇ Animated Image © Cento Lodigiani //

☇ Illustration © Isabel Ruiz Ruiz /// Animation © Rafael Santiandreu //

Night Ride: Illustrations by Alessandro Ripane

Alessandro Ripane wurde 1989 in Genua, Italien geboren.

Aufgrund des Mangels an wilden Tieren in der Stadt Genua kaufte Alessandro eine Menge Bücher darüber. Wegen des Mangels an Superhelden in der Stadt Genua, kaufte Alessandro eine Menge Comics darüber. Unnötig zu sagen, dass er plötzlich ein Experte in beiden Kategorien wurde, auch wenn er jetzt fast alles malt, außer Aliens, weil er nicht sicher ist, wie sie angezogen sind.

Die wunderbaren Illustrationen stammen aus seiner aktuellen Serie “Night Ride“.

// Illustrations © Alessandro Ripane //

Schmobjct: Character Design Madness by T Wei

// Illustration & Design © T Wei /// ☇ Art Prints Available //


Roads, Rivers, Cities.
Arteries, Veins, Neurons.

This film by Maria Ferreira features imagery obtained through Google Street View from seemingly infinite one point perspective roads from all around the world and digitally manipulated satellite photographs found through Google Earth and the United States Geological Survey Database.

Preschool Poets: Bullets

Preschool Poets is a series of short animated films based on poems composed by four and five year olds.

Conceived and produced by artist and poetry teacher Nancy Kangas and filmmaker Josh Kun, the project is based on Nancy’s work teaching preschoolers to write poetry at Columbus Early Learning Center, in Ohio. She’s picked eight beautiful, startling poems to be recited by the children themselves and adapted by animation artists from around the world.

Written by Brayden • Performed by Miracle • Animation: Stas Santimov.

Jóhann Jóhannsson :: A Song For Europa

Music video for “A Song For Europa” by Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Directed by Gergely Wootsch.

“Happy & Sad” Art Print by Jeff Soto

⏚ Art Print by Jeff Soto: 18″ x 24″ Giclee. Signed & Numbered Edition of 50. Costs $80.
// Painting © Jeff Soto /// ☇ Available @ Stormcloudz //

Jan Roth :: Glühwürmchen

Illustration & Animation by Marcel Vockrodt.

»Glühwürmchen« is taken from Jan Roth‘s album “L.O.W.

Lucinate :: Big Noise

Big Noise was created by nine different animators, as an exquisite corpse, building on what came before. The artists, in order:

Héloïse Petel • Steve West • Jeremie Carreon • Pranay Patwardhan • Nikita Deshpande • Calvin Xingpei Shen • Gerhard Human • Pierre-Julien Fieux • Andrew Khosravani • Conde Pablo.

Big Noise is also the title track of Lucinate‘s coming album, and can be found on this beautiful limited edition 12″ vinyl @ King Deluxe.