Oxyde Noir :: Ghost

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Martin Koch • Music: Oxyde Noir.

From the album “Ghosts + Phantoms“.

Chaos (A Fish Tale)

When something shakes you up badly, all your ideas, feelings, perceptions… all the certainties you once stood for become suddenly mixed in a tide of randomness.

One thought, one dream, one quote, one picture, one memory, one of anything each day to create a collection of cathartic and chaotic moving images leading perhaps to… sanity?

A film by Alita Serra.

FAR ALAMO: A Short Film.

“The Alamo” is attacked by BUGS!

When John Wayne meets Paul Verhoeven…

Movie mashup & fan film edited & directed by Fabrice Mathieu.

Moss Covered Technology :: And His Many Seas

Moss Covered TechnologyAnd His Many Seas” ★ Self-released ★ Released 30 April 2018 ★

‘His Many Seas’ is a personal voyage, as the artist’s father was suffering from cancer at the time of the album being written. A well-travelled man, ‘His Many Seas’ sets sail to quietly conquer and navigate another unexplored, painful continent: the frightening landmass of coming to terms with his father’s illness, steering through the trials of life as well as acting as a dedication to his father’s love of travelling. The illness itself heralded the beginnings of a new journey. Recalling the feel of the Arctic Ocean, ‘His Many Seas’ thematically revolves around exploration, and the release includes vintage nautical Nories tables, Elisha Kent Kane – Arctic Exploration inserts along with ‘famous explorer’ double side prints.

Stepping bravely out into icy waters and leaving behind a port always known, that being a lifetime of familiarity, comfort, and love, Moss Covered Technology paints a cold sea composed of blue tones, the chilled air seeping into the cabins of the heart through cracks in its frost-rimmed windows. Through this crack, feelings of sadness, anxiety and hopelessness slither in, making a nest in the heart of the ship. Some of the background textures clink and creak, like the breaking of ice, and the record charts a melancholic course. ‘His Many Seas’ is the sound of an ending, but it’s also a maiden voyage.

Soaked textures and sparse, frostbitten melodies loop in the frigid air, almost as if they can’t remember their place, or where they are in relation to everything else. The grey sea looks the same. Its horizon never differs. But music can act as a compass, a North Star, in times of trouble, during tempests and unquiet seas, and this ambient Polaris guides the artist back home. Music can return a soul to safe shores after a period of brokenness.

The Untangled Routine

A bizarre choreographic ballet, describes different aspects about the individual identity in the modern and permissive world and society, through radical and humorist situations.

Created by Orit Oged.


An observational exploration of routine, monotony, attention and distraction.

Will we continue to let events pass us by uncontested, or will we decide to break the cycle?

Designed, directed & animated by Ross Hogg.

Running Lights

“Running Lights” is a sad, but bright and hopeful fairy-tale for our children – a fantastic and picturesque answer to the question, which sooner or later will be asked:

– What … is … death?

Directed by Ged Sia • Producer: Miglė Pelakauskė.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #92

☇ Painting “Velador” © Bridget Tichenor /// Animation © Joel Remy //

☇ Animated Image © Zara Picken //

☇ Animated Image “Shapeless” © Void Design //


In a shadowy interrogation room, a homicide file lies open in front of two frustrated cops. Behind a one way mirror sits their main suspect, a hulking black bear named Canuck Black.

Stop frame & paint on glass animation directed by Rebecca Archer.

Forgotten: New Illustrations by Jonathan Ball

Wieder einmal geniale Bilder aus der aktuellen Illustrationsserie “Forgotten” des aus Cardiff, Wales stammenden Künstlers Jonathan Ball, der auch unter dem Namen Pokedstudio bekannt ist.

// Illustrations © Jonathan Ball //