Beautiful Collages by Ösorojo

Ösorojo alias Gabriel Mirandha stammt aus Corrientes, Argentien. Mehr auf seinem Flickr-Stream.

| Images © Ösorojo |

Creative Designs by Gustavo Brigante

Schicke Designs von Gustavo Brigante, besser bekannt als Ξ Ξ Π aus Buenos Aires, Argentinien.

| Images © Gustavo Brigante |

Robo-Rainbow: Instrument Of Mass Destruction

Robo-Rainbow: Instrument Of Mass Destruction. Shot by Adam Nilsson.

Robot Propaganda by Raveland Robotics

Atemberaubend geniale gemachte Poster der “Robot Propaganda”-Serie von den Raveland Robotics Designstudios aus Guadalajara, Mexiko. Noch mehr Augenschmaus auf dem Flickr-Stream.

| All Illustrations © Raveland Robotics |

3D Animated Graffitis: Sketch 92 & 93

Sketch 93

Sketch 92

The Truth About Sitting Down

| Infographic © Medical Billing & Coding |

O`Brother Where Art Thou?

| Animated Image © Chris DeLorenzo | via |

Meltdown by Dave Green

Last night’s leftovers battle for their lives.

Directed by Dave Green.

Travelers With Short Legs

“It tells the story of a traveller who, moving away from a troubled relationship, decides to go on a journey in search of new stories and change. But he could never imagine what would happen: finding a new friend, a smell pet with which to continue his journey and his life. Halfway through their journey, they cross paths with Deceit shaped into a monster, who tries to wrap over the traveller again. As it happens with every adventure, it ends with a happy ending.”

Directed by Leo Campasso.

The Works of Cirrus Minor

Cirrus Minor stammt aus Vinnitsa, Ukraine und mehr Bilder gibt es auf ihrer grossen Behance-Galerie.

| Paintings © Cirrus Minor |